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  1. So I've recently gotten into training for the RunDisney 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon Star Wars themed weekend at Walt Disney World in April 2020. These races (all of the RunDisney ones) sell out pretty quickly. Disney will keep registration open through charity partners, though (CMN already is a sponsor of the Princess Run at WDW). Basically when the runs sell out, they allow the charity to still access spots in the race. A registrant can select said charity, fundraise X dollars, pay the registration fee, and everyone wins. The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society is such a charity. If you missed the registration deadline, and want to do the 5K, you can register with them, pay the fee as a participant, and raise funds through the charity. Some of these donations are as high as $4,500. Any way we can get on board with this program?
  2. Go right ahead! I have a basic pattern, 4 inches by one foot. Sew the ends one inch in, sew the sides, turn it inside out, use a cut straw to get the leather cording through the holes.
  3. Thanks! I'm definitely going with Wiz Kid for my next batch as Amazon has their bag for $30 for 16 full sets. The Chessex bag was $23 and I had to dip into my own stash to make enough sets. I sold my first batch of 20 bags in one weekend. Hoping to make another 40 bags or so throughout the summer. Instead of making a big donation myself it's an easy way to get more donations (since each bag costs about $2 with dice and maybe 10 minutes to make and I can get $10 for a bag with dice).
  4. I played a Kender in an old Dragonlance campaign. As they were kleptos my DM would start the day by handing me a sheet of paper of all the random stuff I had stolen. I should make a hopack soon
  5. I started with the Chessex Pound O Dice from Amazon but didn't have enough full sets so I used some of my own dice. Wiz Dice sells a bag of 20 full matched sets which I will use on my next batch
  6. With new upper leadership coming to Extra Life, I'm wondering if some old ideas are coming back around. In particular I'm wondering about things like rubber wristbands that we could sell or give with donations when we have a table at events. Thanks!
  7. So recently I decided to make a bunch of dice bags and include a mixed full set of dice with each one. Each bag costs me a little more than $2 to make, including the dice. I offered them up for grabs with a $10 donation to my page. In one day I sold out of 20 bags!
  8. Hey everyone, I'm Mike, VP here in Richmond. Like Vinnie, I'm also prone to epilepsy. Had a great time at our picnic yesterday and took home a bunch of info for some upcoming events. We are always looking for opportunities to sign people up and collect donations. I'll be posting some of those events here, as we get more information those events will be updated and we will have sign ups for those interested in working said events. Gamingwise I love old school RPGs, like the M1A1, Shadowrun, ADAD (let's not mention THAC0), Vampire the Masquerade, etc. I've done some CCGs as well. I don't get to play many video games but tend to stick with RPGs there as well (gotta grind to win). I've been playing Witcher 3, and rolled through Fallout 4 on my only system, the Xbox One Im not up to date on technology, just have a smartphone, no computer. Lengthy replies may take me awhile but please hit me up if you have any suggestions!
  9. We had a console at Wizard World for one day and a lot of people thought we were selling games. The next day we replaced it with a small board game and got a lot more attention. People that cosplay always draw attention. Standing in front of your table can help, never sit down behind it and never get on your cell phone. Basic sales tactics, warm smiles, address people individually with personalized greetings ("I see a Zelda shirt, I KNOW you're a gamer! Have you heard of Extra Life?") Candy and giveaways are obvious draws as well.
  10. Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself to those that haven't met me before/yet. My name is Mike Clark, and I'm the VP of our Richmond guild. I can usually be found running our table at cons all around. Hope to see you all soon!
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