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  1. until

    I RSVP'd but I won't be able to make it. The roads got a little icy up north.
  2. Yup! Last year we raised a good amount this way, and this year it might get crazier with Overwatch so we'll see how it goes xD
  3. KurtBlancaflor


    I played a good amount of minecraft back in the day, and I think it'd be fun to get back into it. I played unmodded for the most part, but I've seen crazy mods do wonderful things to the game!
  4. Yeah I'm down for a discord!
  5. Cool! Thanks for putting this together you guys! Hope to see you there!
  6. Thanks guys! I was just wondering! I should be able to make whatever meeting is scheduled as long as we have enough of a heads-up approaching the date!
  7. Hey guys! So did the 2nd meeting already happen or is it still be scheduled? If it's still being scheduled, what dates are being considered? I got kind of thrown off by the calendar events and lost track of what's going on!
  8. Sorry for the late reply, but if you're wondering what kind of software you need to stream then I recommend "OBS" as your streaming software! There are guides on how to set it up on their website. Hardware is also important if you'll be playing on PC and there are certain games you want to play, but you don't have to worry about that if you'll be streaming from an Xbox or PS4. If you're wondering how to get started as a streamer, then I don't feel very qualified to pitch in since I'm no "streaming expert," but as an avid user of twitch there are some things I look for/enjoy in a streamer: Interacting with viewers often and being able to juggle this with the game they're playing is important! From what I hear, being able to hold this conversation, or even carry a conversation by yourself to give lurkers something to listen to is just something that comes with practice. People streaming on a predictable schedule make it easier to get regulars. The game you stream is important in deciding what traffic/audience you get, but I think what's more important is that you're enjoying the game you're playing! These are just some ideas off of the top of my head. If people enjoyed your stream a while ago, then great! I'd say the best thing you can do is to just take a leap and get yourself out there again! If you have any specific questions, or anyone has anything else to share, then go for it!
  9. The developer's been contacted by Nintendo representatives about it but he said it'd be hard to make a port of the game for consoles! It seems like he's considering the possibility though!
  10. This is kind of a late answer, but from what I understand LAN stands for "Local Area Network," and when you play multiplayer games on separate devices you often have the option to host a lobby over a LAN so that anyone connected to the same network can play together! So a LAN party may be usually defined as a local multiplayer game day where peeps can bring their comps/consoles to a location and play together!
  11. I feel! It feels kind of weird when you take a hobby like playing video games and make it something you have to do at a certain time. It's actually a lot of work! I told myself I'd stream on the weekends from 10 pm to 12 am but I've been the worst at sticking to that schedule :D. Every now and then I'll stream for a few hours on weekday nights as well though! (like, anytime between 8pm and 2 am?) (And I love Minecraft...ahhh man I spent an entire summer playing it once and it was soo nice...) And @FFCyndrome nice! Hope your pc situation gets resolved soon!
  12. I know XSplit is another big one but I've never tried it! I've heard good things about it though, but maybe it only applies for the paid version... XD
  13. Hey guys! I got to meet a good number of you guys during the guild meeting and we got to exchange twitch channels! But for the people that I didn't get to meet, and for those who couldn't attend, I was thinking we could tell each other about who we are as gamers! I know I'm interested in seeing my fellow guild members in their element, and this might even help us to connect in between events! If that's cool, then I can start: My name's Kurt and I've been streaming on twitch since last summer at twitch.tv/kurt_blancaflor. I usually play multiplayer games with my friends at night but I've also enjoyed doing solo morning streams! I play mostly on PC but sometimes I'll stream off of the Xbox One as well. Some of the games I'm currently into are: Payday 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Destiny, FFXIV, LoL, Dark Souls, etc. This is pretty much a roundabout topic for us to do self-promotion xD, but I figured we might as well connect over twitch if we're going to unite through Extra Life! I guess this info should already be in our bios, but maybe we need a way to explicitly share channels! I don't know about you guys, but I'd LOVE to collaborate streams, and I'm open to play with anyone else who's down!
  14. It's a game where each person takes turns moving a step at a time while trying to slap each other's hands, if you get hit (during someone else's turn) you're out!
  15. I'm no good at picking favorite things, but my most recent obsession is over Undertale! The game was created in a way that takes full advantage of a video game's ability to deliver an experience. It was made with GameMaker studio by a single developer (mainly), so it looks unassuming. But the graphics actually are charming, the game mechanics turn out to be pretty clever, and the story, soundtrack, and character design are amazing as well! The game manages to be fun, challenging, heart-wrenching and heart-warming, and even terrifying depending on how the player plays it! I love it, and I'm definitely gonna have to find some Undertale art at Sakura-Con this weekend. xD
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