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  1. I just wanted to post something on the forums in case anyone has found our Guild from Google or some other way! We have a Facebook Page we've created this year and post most updates and information regarding Extra Life. You can find that page HERE!!! Also, we have a Discord Server!!! Hit us up on Facebook for an add
  2. Thanks for the summary, I have some ideas for actual event day. Since I work at Davenport University's holland campus, I would love to get DU's Holland campus AND the Holland Community involved with Extra Life, and would like to bring that up at next months meeting. I am the only student body at DU's holland campus so I *may* be able to coordinate a game-a-thon there for the Holland nerds and have some of the costs be covered by Student Life. PC's are on campus already, we have a few TV's so I would need to work on getting consoles + more tvs. Rough idea, would love to chat more about it at the meeting.
  3. Hey guys, I'm Meaghan, Typically I go by WoWMeaghan online, twitter/twitch/FB/blogging etc. I this will be my third year participating in Extra Life, however this is my first year here! I was really excited to find a Guild in the west michigan area. Guilds are super new to me, as I've only organized Online Extra Life Events for GamingMommies.Org the past two years. I coordinated the Twitch streaming and also participated in the gaming and worked on recruiting and working on getting donations as well. Last year I helped raise 3k! woop woop! I live in Holland, so I'm not sure how many meetings I can attend but I will try my best. I got involved with Extra Life as my 3 year old utilized their services when she was born, she had a heart murmur, luckily everything is all right and it shouldn't affect her! I really am thankful for them, they really helped ease my anxiety and were extremely friendly. I am working on my bachelors degree in marketing, specifically digital media. I have an internship with and work at Davenport University. Sorry for the short intro, I've got a crazy toddler running around this morning
  4. Oh my I totally didn't know Guilds existed until today. I'm not sure if this is where I put it, but is this guild still active? I'm WoWmeaghan, formerly social media manager for GamingMommies.Com (Now GamingMommies.Org) but I've left. I've participated in Extra-Life for Gaming Mommies for the past three years. I've totally wanted to get the local GR community involved, especially since the charity can benefit Helen Devos Children's Hospital. I have a daughter who has utilized their services, so this charity is extremely special to me and I love giving back! I am a marketing major at Davenport University, and Social media is my passion along with Gaming. I'm extremely familiar with Twitch and Facebook, and plan on streaming this year. My dream and goal this year is to raise enough interest to be able to stream LIVE from a venue of a bunch of local gamers participating in the 24-hour Gaming Marathon, and raise bucco bucks for Helen Devos Children's Hospital. At Gaming Mommies I was in charge of the stream team and lined up 24 hours of streaming for the event and making sure things ran smoothly. I am hoping to be able to help cross promote with GM this year, as it's their major event. There are a few other Parenting gaming groups and communities I'm close with, and look forward to working with them in the future too once November gets closer. Anyway, my excitement is taking over and I'm getting off topic. I just sent an email to Mark from GR Comic Con about setting up a booth at his event. I don't recall seeing anything there for EL last year, but I just want to make sure I haven't stepped on any toes. Again, I apologize if you guys already do that, I didn't realize that there was a guild for Grand Rapids and I'm totally stoked to find you guys. I do better with online meetings vs in person meetings as I'm a college student, single mom, and I work part time, but If I can attend your meetings I would love too. Also, I am very willing to help out if you guys need any help Thanks, Meaghan
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