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  1. To anyone still on the fence, I've worked with BeeTheSwam a lot over the last year or so. They are a wonderful organization!
  2. Already tons of people active in here! (also shameless bump since people are flying in now!)
  3. Does each wave for the same game ever meet up in the bracket? For example - Do the top 4 players of Nidhogg Wave 1 win money as well as the top 4 players of Nidhogg Wave 2? Or does each wave meet up eventually in the brackets at the finals for the top 4 spots?
  4. Hey everyone! I've went ahead and made a Discord server for Extra Life United! This will be a great place to find new friends to meetup with down in Orlando, as well as a place to practice some of the games beforehand. If you aren't able to make it to ELU this year, you're still more than welcome to join! https://discord.gg/eDDCRbV For those of you who don't have Discord, it's basically skype and text chat rooms for gamers. You can also install it on your phone, so when you're at the event, you'll be able to stay connected! It comes highly recommended from yours truly.
  5. Don't worry man! You'll leave with dozens of new friends that will feel like you've known them your entire life. Bringing board games would be a great way to break the ice!
  6. Disc Jam is a pretty fun indie title that's fairly new. http://www.highhorseentertainment.com/
  7. On the topic of fighting games, Super Smash Bros is pretty universally loved by all and is kid friendly. I would love to see some more Nintendo games represented.
  8. Our Discord server is now up! https://discord.gg/011D5p8ZSoz1Ge1wO We will be posting announcements and updates here, and will also serve as a place for us to hang out and game with each other!
  9. List has been privatized; Post your emails in this thread, so that I can then grant access for you.
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mdq-7dr0otTH98TUnha0jMZJ6ZL5GG8rFQzMsxDKJXE/edit?usp=sharing At the meeting it was mentioned that we needed an online directory to store all of our contact information! I've created this spreadsheet where you can go in and add yourself! Sorry for the delay.
  11. I'm always down to play some DnD. I'm not experienced enough to DM efficiently though
  12. https://www.thepinkbride.com/shows/knoxville/#premium-listings Next Pink Bridal Show convention is on August 14th. I know it can get pretty expensive to get a booth, so we may want to start talking with them now to see if they can donate a booth. I've been to a few of these, and there is literally about 4-5x the crowd than fanboy has. It's quite insane.
  13. Pink Bridal Show is in Knoxville 3-4 times a year at the convention center and has about 2-3x the crowd that Fanboy brings. Granted, it's not our target audience, but we could definitely get SOME people I'm sure.
  14. That is honestly pretty dang good.
  15. Welcome Thomas! Stay tuned to these Knoxville forums for our next meeting announcement so we can all meet you in person!
  16. I didn't play in the Tabletop track, but having posterboards of each tabletop game's rules AKA a large cheat sheet hanging around is a genius idea, You could also use this for the other tracks and have the game specific rules for each poster board.
  17. I noticed you said you were interested in getting into the Star Citizen community. Honestly right now the SC community doesn't have very many Youtubers or streamers, so that would be an excellent "focus" for you to look into getting started. Reddit.com/r/StarCitizen is also pretty kind to new YouTubers and Streamers of the game!
  18. Churches and High Schools are a great place to recruit! Since I haven't been to high school in a while either maybe we can recruit younger family members or family members of friends to do some recruiting in the schools. Highschools are breeding grounds for gamers!
  19. What's up everyone! I'm Matt, AKA Loomin. I've done Extra Life (successfully) since last year alongside my gaming group, Ironhype Entertainment, to which I lead. When I'm not creating YouTube content or streaming for Ironhype, I'm usually working locally in Knoxville for Covenant Health (now you see the healthcare tie in!), hanging out with my lovely wife, or gaming it up! I have been gaming ever since I can remember, so it's probably been a little over 20 years now! I mainly game on the PC currently (PCMR) but I love playing Nintendo games as well. Games that I'm playing right now include pretty much just Rocket League; but I'm always down to play some indie multiplayers, Counter-Strike, WoW, Overwatch, Hearthstone, or some League of Legends! Feel free to add me on these platforms! Steam: Loomin | Twitch.tv/Ironhype NNID: Elftastic PS4: N/A Xbox: N/A Battlenet: Loomin#1435 League of Legends: Loomin I'm incredibly excited we hit guild status this year, and if you couldn't make the guild launch last week you'll be happy to know that we broke all the records nationally for attendance of a guild launch! That bodes extremely well for the future and I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you as this thing grows bigger and bigger.
  20. I agree with this 100%. Loved that the Twitch partners and Youtubers were placed in the same brackets as us from the start. It was great to be able to meet these guys. I feel like it was easier to approach them and chat with them since they were competing with us, and then we were able to get them more interested in Extra Life through chatting! With their reach it bodes well for Extra Life moving in the future!
  21. So first off I wanted to thank everyone who attended, volunteered, and organized this event. It was an incredible, life changing experience and I will definitely be attending each year as long as my funds allow! I figured I would throw my general ideas for next year into the ring here. My PC track-specific notes are located below in this box as well, in case you want to read a detailed account on that. We will start with the overall tournament stuff, since as some of you may know, I won the grand finals so I got to experience this all the way from beginning to the end from a certain standpoint, and I'm not biased because I won. There are definitely things that could be improved for next year. Overall Tournament Basically, I think that the games list should be officially set at LEAST 1 month in advance and given out to all participants much like this year. Practicing the games diligently on my stream was not only fun, but it gave me the opportunity to really promote Extra Life, Extra Life United, and what it stands for to a lot of people. ("Why are you playing SpeedRunners Loomin? You usually play Rocket League" "Well because I'm practicing for this awesome event that supports amazing kids... etc etc etc") There was also a pretty big sense of community going on the forums where people were organizing play in order to practice with one another. It was just a fantastic way to meet other Extra Lifers before the big week, and through these Game Lists I was able to feel a lot more comfortable talking to other attendees since I had met them previously online. I also think that set rules should be established for each game at the same time of the announcement of that game. There were many occurrences across all the tracks were the rules would change midway through, like the control scheme for NidHogg, the difficulty setting on Madden, or the Catan short version rules to name a few. Leading up to the event many were asking questions about each specific listed game, and most of the time the questions were ignored. Don't be afraid to work with US, the actual gamers, (i.e experts) in determining the games list for each track. We will tell you which games would work best and what rules will work best for each game chosen. Let us help you help us. Open communication is the best communication. Speaking of the games list, I thought that it was absolutely unacceptable that our games list for the console and especially the PC track was altered at the last minute. While I understand why this happened due to internet & bandwidth issues, perhaps the games should have been installed on the hardware weeks before the event, or the bandwidth should have been tested and fixed before as well. From my conversations, a LOT of people were upset about this, including myself as I had only played 1 of the 4 games announced in my track before. Some might argue that the surprise games made it an even playing ground, but I spent my own personal money on the games I thought would be played in order to practice and was happy I knew what I would be playing at the tournament. Everyone had an even playing ground when we KNEW the games beforehand, as we all had the same time to practice, whereas if they are random, it becomes unfair. "Random games" are much better suited to be in the grand finals and the top 8. To echo the thoughts of others in this thread, it seemed a bit disorganized. Brackets should be made after the online event registration closes and made public, rules and games lists clearly stated for each track, etc etc. We definitely needed more Tori's Angels and I love the idea to assign 1-3 Angels to each SPECIFIC game. I talk more about this in detail on my PC Feedback thread. We were also told that it was going to be a round-robin tournament instead of elimination. It ended up being elimination. While elimination mighty be the best format for the time we have (and I also talk more about this on the other thread, but the gist of it is) if it's going to be elimination, then maybe make it double elimination or assign overall points towards the top 8 (and even money) to anyone who advances even 1 round. I think it would be pretty motivating to people if say, you win round 1 of a certain game and you take home $25 for your hospital. Win round 2 and then you take home $50 and so on and so forth. Looking at the distribution of $1750 for 1st in each game and $850 for 2nd, I think it could be slimmed down throughout the rounds a bit. We should be expecting more $$$ this upcoming year anyways, so this would be a fun way to get EVERYONE feeling good about their performance. I mean hell, I'd be happy to share $10,000 of my $50,000+ winnings to be distributed to anyone who won a single round. ~ $40,000 is still a HUGE amount of money for the grand winner. Moving on to the grand finals and the top 8, I thought that the randomness of it was a pretty fun way to end it. While the games shouldn't be random in the rest of the tournament, it provided a spark to the entertainment value of it. No one had played any of the games in the top 8, so it was pretty fun to watch and compete in. However, the same issue of the rules being clarified beforehand still apply. I also was upset and disappointed that Tabletop was not represented in the Top 8. I felt bad playing a tabletop guy in the first round with an indie PC game where we both had to use controllers. I definitely had an unfair advantage. Both Jaime and I honestly expected Connect 4 or another tabletop game to be the final game, and were both kinda bummed it didn't happen, just for the sake of the tabletop players. Maybe next year the entire top 8 can have a similar format to the grand finals, where the first game is a random game and then afterwards the loser can counterpick a game to best of 5 games. This format was so much FUN and it would eliminate all tabletop gamism (is that a word?) that had occurred this year. Space The conference area and the resort were absolutely gorgeous. The console gaming sofa's were sleek and modern looking (although maybe a bit small). The set-up was pretty much jaw dropping for someone who has never attended any gaming tournament or event before (like myself) so I definitely have no complaints. Keep up the amazing work here! Food While the boxed lunches were fantastic, I heard a rumor that they were $50 a piece and that attributed a lot to the high registration cost. Surely there is a cheaper alternative to these. The giant supply of Redbull and other drinks was also amazing and much appreciated. Shirts When I first saw the shirts I had the biggest smile on my face. The quality and sleekness of them are incredible. I love the shirts and maybe if you find a way to cut costs with the food, you can give us 2 nice shirts next year for the same registration cost! Misc, Last-Second Thoughts, & Other Stuffs More Computers and Xboxs would solve the time issue. We could honestly probably do a round robin format if we had much more Tori's Angels and more gaming stations. I would have loved to been able to register with my gaming name. It felt weird to have my personal name being blasted all over the stream. Let us register with our actual names and have those on our badges, but let our gaming names be the biggest text on the badges and be what they call us by on stream and on the brackets. It's just something that's hugely tied to gaming culture, and I was kinda shocked we used real names so much. The pin exchange seemed somewhat chaotic. The lines were enormous and cutting was prevalent. Maybe if more conference space could be utilized for this, it would help the flow. Also putting up velvet queuing areas for each kid would not only help line formation and flow, but it would let the kids feel even more like rock stars! A time to sit down and talk about guild best practices would be pretty cool, but with our current time frame, it would be hard to fit that in. Maybe with Extra Life United 2018 we can have 3 or 4 full days. Maybe opening a 4th track next year, "Nintendo" would be absolutely amazing. Not only is Nintendo kind of separate from hardcore console and PC gaming, but it would allow for the systems to be on hand for the kids during Open Play, where as Nintendo is typically more kid-friendly anyways. Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Time Trials in any platformer ever? There's tons of options for tournament play here. Also how amazing would it be if the grand finals was a Mario Maker course designed by some of the champion kids? Just spitballing GIVE NINTENDO TRACK ELU! That's pretty much all that's on my mind. Remember to check out my PC track post for more detailed insights, and I will add any additional thoughts or comments below as they come to me! Can't wait for ELU 2017 and already excited to meet more amazing kids and their families!
  22. First off, this was my first year at ELU and it was an incredible experience. I met so many incredible children and heard so many amazing stories that my heart was bursting by the ending. I will definitely be back next year and hope to see many of you again! I will mention some things in the general thread, but for this one I will be focusing just on the tournament aspect itself for the PC track (as well as my experience in the top 8's). I did win the whole thing so you may think me biased, but for the good of future ELU's I will still give my honest input as I thought a lot of things need changing. My major complaint was with the games list. We were told literally the night before that all the games we had spent 2-4 weeks practicing were canceled, and only 1 (SpeedRunners) would actually be played. This greatly upset me, not to mention the fact that Rocket League was the one game PROMISED for the PC track. I had spent a ton of my personal free time and money on the announced games and was expecting them to be played. I know that there was an internet issue and bandwidth was limiting the amount of download speed for the computers which is understandable. Games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 are huge files and downloading them on most of the computers when the internet is slow was obviously impossible. However, it should have been better planned for. The announced games should have been loaded onto the computers WEEKS before the actual event to ensure nothing like this happened. At the very least, having everything ready by a week before would have been enough to avoid this MAJOR problem for the PC Track. They were able to increase the bandwidth/internet speed by the day of the tournament, but that should have been done much earlier as well; especially considering that the tournament was planned on being LIVE STREAMED. (typically associated with a ton of bandwidth/internet use). It just seemed very poorly planned and organized to a first time attendee. I think the games list should NOT be random, and it should be given out AT LEAST 1 month before the actual tournament. The more information the better, in every case. What we were left with was a bunch of last minute replacement indie games. While I had never played 3 of the replacement games chosen, I think the game selection itself was fine, as most people attribute "Indie" to PC games anyways. However, the games chosen were the kind that had very short matches and someone who wasn't proficient at these games could have only played a total of 10 minutes before being eliminated completely. If you decide to go with Indie-ish games next year, maybe have it be best of 5 instead of 3 for some specific games. It could help extend the play time by quite a bit. I also didn't really like the choice of "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" as it was a 2v2 game and granted an automatic advantage to a player who had a friend attend with them. It also caused a lot of tie-breaker situations for the top 8, since 2 players would receive "first place" for 1 game, which just added to the delays. Onto the actual structure and (dis)organization of the tournament itself: Some say that Twitch was the problem, but when I talked to some of the Twitch guys, they had only been given any information (from their superiors at Twitch or ELU organizers; I’m not sure) literally the morning or night before of the tournament. Honestly it was probably a lack of communication on both ends. The tournament organizers were most likely told things last minute by both their Twitch employers and ELU organizers. Moving on, the first morning until lunchtime I would say about 3/4 of the participants had not actually played anything. The brackets were still being created the day of and it really just seemed like the organizers were overwhelmed. Throughout the day, it eventually descended into "If you want to play, go up to the Twitch staff and ask them who you need to play against." There were times where if I hadn't gone up and asked about a match for a certain game, I'm not sure if I would have even gotten to play. I also had a lot of viewers, friends, and family back home, who were disappointed when they watched the entire stream for the first day and didn't see hardly any PC content. Having the brackets and the stream schedule publicly available would have been fantastic, and should have been ready by the time registration for the event was closed. If a participant couldn't make it or was absent for his game, then he should be counted as a loss and his opponent advances. There were times when I stood around the twitch desk for 45 minutes waiting on my opponent to show up after the Twitch guys had called for his name time and time again (on the final call 45 minutes in, of course he strolled around the corner :lol:). Another thing that could have been improved was definitive rules for each game. For Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, some people were just choosing a certain module, where as other people were playing free-mode. It led to some awkward situations where one group wanted to play with their rules, and the other group wanted to play with THEIR rules. Cozy NidHogg was another one of these occurrences. Again, we were told that we could bring our own controllers/keyboards/mice, but when it came down to it, we were not able to use them which was another inconsistency with our earlier information. Halfway through the NidHogg bracket, the official rules were stated and Cozy NidHogg (sharing the same keyboard) was determined as the only way to play. This pretty much screwed anyone who played on a controller, or was fat fingered and needed a whole keyboard to themselves. I think I managed to beat quite a few people who were actually better than me at NidHogg because of my small hands (Kappa) and keyboard preference. Next year, there should be definitive, specific rules for each game and they should be given to us weeks/months before the tournament even starts with the proper games list. I know leading up the event some people were upset that the number of "Tori's Angels" spots were filled so quickly. Honestly though, we needed a lot more of the Blue Shirt People, or BSP, as I liked to call them. More volunteers and coordinators would have made it much easier on everyone. It took until late in the afternoon (an hour after our posted "end time" for the day) for someone (DMBrandon) to step up who wasn't a volunteer and pretty much organize and knock out the rest of the entire Lethal League bracket by himself in about 45 minutes. That was the first sense of true organization that I witnessed, and it was because it was done by someone experienced in organizing tournaments was able to pick up the slack and help out the Tori's Angels who were obviously overwhelmed the first day. GIVE MORE BLUE SHIRTS! I was also under the impression that it would be a round-robin style tournament, since a lot of people did not like the elimination format from last year. Well, this was just another elimination tournament. Even keeping with an elimination style, I think points should have been awarded based on how far along you got in each respective tournament bracket, not just to the final 4 of each game. A double elimination option would have been cool as well to prevent someone who was really good at the game from being knocked out by the winner of the entire game. (I won the SpeedRunners portion, and my hardest match was against someone I went against in the second round. @Plotspackle I felt that he deserved at least something for his hospital, since he was honestly extremely good at the game and should have been in the finals, where a double elimination tournament style would have put him there. He just had a bad draw.) Also, The “pod” format that we were told about ended up being 12 or more people in each bracket for each game, instead of the 4-8 people originally told to us. Again, a ton of communication before the event is great and much requested, but changing the original rules the day before is not good. So these are my criticisms, and please excuse my bluntness on some of it. I loved every minute of it despite the shortcomings, and getting to meet and play with the kids was the absolute best part of the entire thing. You asked for what could have been improved, so I told you honestly! I would say for next year do not be afraid to reach out for games suggestions for each track and for more volunteers for tournament organization or ideas. Many of us would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of including certain game on these forums. It felt like we were kind of in the dark and I saw MANY unanswered questions in the forums leading up to the event. Like @Bacchanalian said, “would we use our own accounts, would we use tournament accounts with everything unlocked, etc etc” Don’t be afraid to reach out to us and keep communication on these forums as open as possible leading up to the event. We are the experts in gaming and TOGETHER we can continue to improve this awesome event year after year. I will try to attend every year in the future, and I look forward to the MOMENTUM that we’ve started for the kids and for the future. Thanks everyone.
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