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  1. I am doing my extra life marathon this Sunday starting at 10am EST over at please feel free to drop by and say hi
  2. I did recieve an email so that much worked but I wont be able to make it
  3. i have to go with minecraft. its always my go to game ive been playing for years since they came out of alpha i can blow 5 minutes or all day on a whim
  4. Congrats! i recently hit the same milestone! (100 followers on twitch) and i cast my vote keep having fun!
  5. Its very interesting my first thought on seeing it is the only cord appears to be headphones so is it maybe bluetooth? this would make it widely universal and open to many platforms for all kinds of games!
  6. Name: Scotty Mo Years doing Extra Life: I've been supporting extra lifers for 4 years but just started raising money myself in December. Why I extra Life: I can have fun and help kids why not? Team: TwitchClub Other: you can watch all my regular extra life streams and all my Marathons on also I do not live in the London area but i grew up there. I am doing 15 extra life gaming marathons in 2016 including one every month.
  7. its not the most active channel but hopefully that will change ssoon Scotty4ExtraLife -
  8. In case anyone didnt see it we raised $42,681 for the Children's Health Foundation last year! way to go!
  9. My First of 15 Extra Life Marathons this year is scheduled for Tuesday at noon EST and will last 12-15 hours. Only poor internet will stop me!

  10. I have 15 extra life marathon streams planed for 2016 give me a follow and stop by next time im live!
  11. I've been watching extra lifers for years and just joined as a gamer myself this week playing for the Childrens Health Foundation in London! My Marathon Stream is this Saturday at 2pm EST for 12 hours at !
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