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  1. Here's mine that I got in 2016 as a stretch goal. #FTK I put in some hidden dates to make it even more special to me. 5/15 my wedding anniversry 12/21 my birthday 12/25 my wife's birthday 38 the age when I got the tattoo
  2. Diversions is holding their one year anniversary. They are taking donations for Chits and Bits as well as raffling off some great prizes. And Chits and Bits is shaping up to be another amazing event this year!
  3. until
    Join the fun at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Portland with the crew from Weekend Anime in their quest to support Extra Life! The Maine Competitive Gaming crew will be running tournaments for prizes!
  4. The Portland Comic Expo will be held Sunday, October 23, 2016 in Portland, ME. A one day show featuring comic artists, dealers, cosplay and programming. Extra Life will be there recruiting!
  5. Join us on Saturday October 22, 2016 for the amazing Southern Maine Family Game Festival supporting The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital! We'll have board games, card games, video games, children's events, and vendors all day long!
  6. until
    Details to follow but this is a great time to recruit for Extra Life
  7. Sawyerspop

    Sea Dogs Game

    Hey all! We've scored another 25 tickets and an EL recruitment table at the August 18th Sea Dogs game. Please mark your calendar, invite your friends and family and plan to join us! Sign Up here: and please comment in the notes section of the sign up form if you'd like to request additional tickets.
  8. until
    On July 31 we will be hosting our Scavenger Hunt to support Extra Life and The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center. This is a family friendly event and no Gaming experience is needed. Please join us on July 31st at Crossroad Games to support our local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. $20 entry fee per team. $5 to pizza, $5 to prize pool and $10 donation to Extra Life. Teams of 4, at least 2 people must be included in every picture traveling together in one vehicle. Each team will be assigned a designated number to send in submissions. No photo shopped or image searches will be accepted Lists will be handed out at 12 noon. not to be opened until the signal is given. Points will be awarded for photo submissions that fit the clues criteria, this is at the judges discretion. Teams must have one designated phone to submit and receive clues. Bonus clues may be sent out during the course of the event. All teams are expected to follow all traffic and posted laws. We are not responsible for any violations that teams may accrue. Remember this is for fun and for the kids. Teams will have three hours to gather “items”. photo submissions will cease at 3 pm Teams are encouraged to be creative, create a team name, make shirts, or come up with a cheer. Bonus points may be awarded Top teams will be awarded cash prizes, TDB day of, based on number of teams participating. Teams need to return to Crossroads by 4. upon which we will have a Pizza Party and announce the winners.
  9. until
    The Portland ME Guild will be recruiting at Seacoast Comic Con in Kittery! Stop by the Crossroad Games booth and the Cosplay Convention Center booth and say hi. Click here for info about the event -
  10. Great to see everyone tonight, as well as new faces. We sounded off on some great event ideas. Let's make sure we get a list going so we can follow up on all of them. Please list any event ideas, contact info below!!!
  11. Good morning everyone, Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I will be taking over the role of Guild President and wanted to share a few things with you, the members. I come from a Board Game background, I have been playing them my entire life. I love to play Video Games when time allows. (I am a Nintendo Guy). I got involved in Extra Life through a Board Game Marathon I organize with fellow member Jamison. I have worked with Kate and Meaghan for the last three years raising $ for The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, and do not want to lose the support of Extra Life in the quest to make kids lives better. I am commited to making The Extra Life Portland Guild as strong and succesful as it can be. I want everyone to enjoy the experience that Extra Life has to offer. Meeting great like-minded poeple, sharing a passion for helping kids and having fun playing games. Nicole Justin and I are eager to start this year new. We have some great recruitment events in the planning stages as well as some ideas in the works. We hope that everyone will take a minute to attend a few meetings (next one is June 7th) get engaged here and on the Facebook page ( and help us turn these ideas into reality #FTK. We need input from all the guild members to move forward and create a strong guild. There are still spots open to volunteer time at our already planned events too. Smitty's in Widham 5/28 Portcon 6/23-6/26 Can't wait to hear from everyone at our next meeting. And always feel free to shoot me any questions you may have. Rob
  12. A bunch of our marathon players used this tactic this year and had great fundraising results. We had personalized game cards, cookies, tattoos, running a physical marathon, pie in the face, and I know I missed some. Making your page personal and giving people additional incentives to donate really makes a difference. I've already committed to sky diving next year if our event hits $40,000!!!!
  13. We will be taking the Boardgame track.
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