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  1. I just tried and I can confirm they've added CORS support. Thanks guys!
  2. Looks like this request is dead, but I'll throw my support behind asking for it as well. I ended up needing to setup a proxy to actually use the API, which isn't ideal. Adding CORS support would be really helpful. FYI if you do need to go this route, this solution isn't so bad, but you do have to depend on using someone elses proxy:
  3. @LeaveIt2Beaver This would also be useful to my team. We really need it to make breaking out donations going toward different fundraising goals.
  4. Yes, it was json data method. I have an app I made that I was hoping to use that information to include with each person in addition to just their names and pictures.
  5. Figured I'd ask again since I was planning on using this to fundraise this year.
  6. Figured I'd ask again since I was planning on using this to fundraise this year.
  7. This is pseudo related to json, because I'd like to get them added to the api once they were actually part of the existing data. Could we get some gaming/social related accounts added to the member profiles? What we currently have now on the forum side would be great on the fundraising side. TwitchXBLPSNNintendo IDFacebookTwitterIf I could only have one, I'd want twitch. I'd like to be able to pull down my team's list of members, then check if anyone's twitch feed is active, and display it if so.
  8. I was playing around with the existing api calls, and there were a few pieces of info I was hoping we could get added to them. Could you add a participants bio/story to the donorDrive.participant call?Would it be possible to make an achievements call as well?
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