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  1. Hello! Sorry I haven't been terribly active on these forums, i've been working on a few things and have been keeping myself quite busy with extralife this year, as well as taking up a new craft. I came to ask, how many of our Ottawa Extra-Lifers are actually outside of ottawa? specifically, do we have any streamers or Extra-Life gamers who live in the north bay region? (ie, sudbury, sturgeon falls, Mattawa, North Bay and surrounding areas) I've been doing a LOT of marathon work myself, and i think its time i looked for some help... Doing 6+ marathons a year by yourself can be VERY hard, and i was looking for maybe a few streamers to help out! Maybe get together and throw a few events in a more local area who cant make it to ottawa all the time. If your interested, you can contact me on my twitter @OrcrystGaming for more details. Keep in mind, im not looking only for experienced streamers, but just those with an interest in helping, possibly learning more about streaming, or even just participating in some games or local events and fundraisers!
  2. All about Zarya... no idea how that came into being honetsly, but her toolkit works for me. I also like Widowmaker, and Reaper.
  3. thanks! got some BIG plans for this year, hope your followed ^_- February, i'm doing a FF7 theme, gonna be marathon'ing FF7 Crisis Core, then playing FF7 throughout the month, followed by Dirge of Cerberus! should be a good time ^^
  4. Hey all! my name is Brandon Whittington, but you can call my Orcryst. I joined Extralife because its an amazing cause, and as a father of two i feel like i should do my part, i know if my kids ever needed to go to a childrens hospital i'd want them to be looked after I've been participating in Extra Life since the tail-end of 2014's extralife day I support CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and am technically a member of the ottawa extralife guild, though i don't have the means to participate with them currently... when im not streaming or helping the kids, im looking after my own 2 children, Robbie is 3, and Lexy is 1 As for my stream, I usually stream a variety of games, lately i've been streaming a lot of classic RPG full playthroughs such as Disgaea, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Valkyria Chronicles! (for extra life, i streamed all 4 original .hack// games!) you can see my stream most weekday mornings at 8AM EST at twitch.tv/orcryst01
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