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  1. I'm not sure if it is related to upgrading to Platinum, or not, but I after upgrading my main user, I tried to switch over to my other user and upgrade it to Platinum. However, when I tried to use the "Change User --->" functionality from the menu that comes up when you mouse over the "Welcome, [name]" in the top right of the website, I get the message "You cannot log in as this user". Is there a way to get into that user once this message appears? If so, is it possible to upgrade them to Platinum, so that they have a chance at a shirt? Thanks for any info!
  2. Honestly, I started in 2013 because I was moved by Tori's father, Victor, in the "Victoria Enmon's Story" video. As a father with two daughters, I could viscerally feel the anger and sadness as he says, "To keep this from happening, again, to someone else's child." Immediate tears, and an indelible impression that though we've been fortunate to only use CMN hospitals for minor procedures and broken bones (which allowed us to experience the actual magic of these places), there are families who rely on them every day for hope, support, and of course, treatment. I'm so grateful that we have people in the gaming community that support these hospitals, their staff, and patients through this event, and I'm proud to count myself among them, even if only in a small way. This year, I've even managed to rope my whole family into fundraising, which is gratifying on a whole new level. Let's do this, Extra Lifers!
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