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  1. Any plans for any updates on any of these graphics anytime soon? Didnt want to get our hospital to get some stuff printed and new stuff come out the next week...
  2. Hey hey! ya that was the issue is we didnt know who they would be yet because our current person was leaving and they had no idea who was replacing them. We actually had THAT meeting today... lots of great stuff to come some super excited about it...
  3. oh wow! this looks amazing! we just did a local con here in Knox, Marble City Comicon and it was a struggle. Attendance was down and we were right beside a political booth asking for signatures for petitions so we were getting cold sholdered all weekend. Wish we had some major events like this in town! Would love to learn some tricks from bigger guilds!
  4. thanks @K8Morosky ya our long time hospital rep recently changed jobs and left the hospital after 12 years of being there. prior there was 2 people doing 3 peoples jobs and now 1 doing 3 so hes pretty booked up. i know our Prez is trying to touch base. Really wanting to get some booth stuff done and would love to get some draw string bags done for events!
  5. So Im new VP with Extra Life Knoxville Guild and needing some insight! We had a rough year last year with state of leadership and now this year we are on fire and ready to go. But we have recently changed point of contact with our person at the hospital, 2 out of 3 of the guild leadership are "new" and the people we took over the roles for havent been involved since before august of last year. Im really trying to take this match we have and light a forest fire with it! But I need some insight... Whats best practice for getting ANYTHING printed from the Guild Toolkit & Multimedia Kit? we have like one pull up 24 by 48 banner and no idea where it came from. I see all these other booths at events and have all kinds of signage and I WANT THAT! we had a great meeting this past week and everyone is back from ELU and on fire and I want to keep it going. Feel free to dm here, tweet, or how ever you want to reach me! Any and all insight to help improve our guild, our numbers, our approach or anything will be accepted with open arms! Thanks! Bobby
  6. Hey we are revamping our guild and have a couple new leadership members. We have been kind of absent on here and the previous people that have had access no longer are involved with the guild. Thanks for any help!
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