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  1. I have too many SNES Classics in my house! Come donate $10 and enter a raffle to win them!! https://www.extra-life.org/participant/josepho
  2. I challenge anyone to stay up for 25 hours and play a game. It's harder than anything ever.
  3. joeyfine

    Happy Game Day Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if anyone is interested in playing!
  4. Happy Gameday Eve everyone! Get some sleep tonight! We have a big day tomorrow!
  5. My Stretch goal is a 5 course dinner for the winner of that raffle.
  6. Thank you! She will be right there next to me playing as well!
  7. Hey all. Below is the list of games I plan on smashing though next month. What I would like is a group of people to play along with since 25 hours will be unbearable alone. If you plan on playing as well then lets do it together! Gears of war 4 – PC/Xbox OneCivilization VI - PCBattlefield 1 – PC Titanfall 2 – Xbox one Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Xbox One Rocket League – PC World of Warcraft Xbox One - lil meatballz PSN - josephofinelli Steam - joeyfine
  8. joeyfine

    Shirts First Run

    XL for me please.
  9. joeyfine

    Welcome to the Akron Guild!

  10. What I believe to be the last donation of the year has shown up at my door. The Apple Store has donated a Pair of Beats by Dre Beats Solo HD RED Edition Headphones. I really cannot believe all of the hard work for prizes this year. I hope this will give Akron Children's even more donations!
  11. joeyfine

    Broadcast Kit Functionality on Consoles

    Broadcast kit only works for PC and somewhat for Xbox one 1 if you stream to your pc. PS4 twitch will do everything except give you that sweet skin.
  12. Who fills out your service hours for other events? The easiest way for you to get them would be have a teacher or parent check out your stream and see if you are doing this.
  13. joeyfine

    Offline Cash Donations

    Any cash donations I receive are deposited in my bank account then I send a check in care of the people who donated. I find its easier and a lot less of a hassle. It still should show up as the person that donated.
  14. http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=140690