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  1. im in for the raid if anyone need my help. already done it twice. know what to do. PSN: diablofredd (PS3) hunter level 28. also would like to have a fireteam to do the full 24 hours on destiny.
  2. Destiny Clan: Destiny Head Hunters (HHD) we need 1 more to be able to have it show in-game and get rewards when we do missions 3 clan members together. PSN: diablofredd on PS3 very active. everyday player. would like to be part or be the host for a fireteam to rock the entire 24 hours on destiny.
  3. Would need members for my bungie clan for Destiny so we can get rewards and trophies. We are 2 now and very active. we need one more member. Go to bungie.net and search for Destiny Head Hunters (HHD). PSN: diablofredd PS3 hunter level 28
  4. Looking to build a 24 hour fireteam for this event. Main goal is to play the full 24 hours. anyone want to join come hook me up on destiny. Platform: PS3 User: diablofredd (would like friends to play diablo also.never played diablo online.destiny is first game i have a connection.) Guardian: Hunter level 28 and started a Titan Level 3. Would be willing to start a new guardian and try to reach level 20 by the end of the 24 hours if anyone is up for it join me.Gonna be epic.
  5. PSN: diablofredd i play on destiny.(first game i have a internet connection for). i play diablo 3 reapers of souls also but most of my time is dedicated to Destiny at the moment. Add me and we can make a fireteam for oct 25th and rock out for a full 24 hours. Im on PS3 user: diablofredd im a hunter level 28.
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