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  1. PC, Console, Tabletop, handhelds, Smartphone apps I may even see if I can locate the old Virtual Boy for some nostalgic headache fun!
  2. *touches finger to nose
  3. Here is a list of games I have on deck for the event PC: Diablo III: ROS, World of Warcraft, Portal 2, Left for Dead 2, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider *There is going to be 2 hrs where we go through Josh's ridiculous Steam Library and randomly select games and play for 20 minutes each. Console: Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo, Titan Fall Tabletop: Cards Against Humanity, Munchkin, Fluxx, Hotels, Uno, Phase 10, Ticket to Ride
  4. Just curious what every one is doing on play day. I know there will be a live stream at my place. A bunch of friends coming over too to get PC, console and card games going. So what are you doing?
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