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  1. Depending on what software you are using you may need to delete the ID from stream pro and re-add it to the over lay.
  2. Awesome to see another using a system to stream! One of the best things I would recommend if you don't have already is the kinect to bring viewers on a more personal level. Also do you keep a computer near you when you stream? If so then you might want to add song requests and have it play in the mic to have some viewer engagement. Another thing you could look into is playing games that you can invite the viewers to join in if possible. One of the biggest wins is how to grab your viewers and keep them around to build the community Hope it helps, Fiveofirst
  3. At the tower but unable to find anyone
  4. Hey all, So doing tournaments in the past I have learned each one is different and can provide some epic experiences as well as some epic challenges. Being extra life and what I have read already in the forums I see there a few events that where not included like the gifts to the amazing hero's we will get to spend time with. So my question to you amazing vets in the inter webs are there any tips or tricks and what to look out for or what to do? Thank you all for your help, #FTK Fiveofirst
  5. Hey all, I didn't see much going on in 2016 I was away with work issue and well over all life but jumping back in full force. If anyone wants I do mostly PC gaming and plan to do a ton of 24 hour streams to build up the hype. So if there is a game you play on the PC shoot me a message and let make extra life this year awesome! Cheers, Fiveofirst
  6. Thanks for the foot notes I wont be able to make this one due to drive time but hope to make the next one
  7. fiveofirst


    Hello Guild, So I think this is like a introduce your self if not well I am anyway My name is Angelo this is my 3rd year with the program first year I was not active at all but watched a ton of streams that night and was there in support for the 24 hour gaming. Last year I was very active in the team my work started and this year I have started my own team. It is great to be able to see other people that are involved in extra life so close to home and I know it will be even more of an epic experience as I get to see the guild and Extra Life 2016 unfolds amazing adventures. A few skills I can bring to the table is team collaboration, web development, digital media arts, and a few groups of people such as the 405th halo costume designers, and Midori con members. If you need help with videos, building your teams web page of tech issues shoot me an email at and we will get the ball rolling. Cheers, Angelo Gargarello
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