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  1. Gatonejo

    Minnesotans, Represent!

    I'm doing Extra Life again this year. My name is Juan Delgado. I have two Extra Life accounts, one for the Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare and another for the San Jorge Children's Foundation (Puerto Rico). Typically I do the marathon on my own the Friday before the official day at my house. Also, I host a party and I invite friends to play board games and video games, and they make donations.
  2. Gatonejo

    What's your favorite gaming fuel?

    Hmmm… typically I don't play long enough to have to eat/drink during a game session, but let say I do, I would like Monster Trail Mix (peanuts, M&Ms, chocolate chips, peanut butter drops, and raisins), beef jerky, and beer. In reality the day of the Extra Life marathon is the only time I play more than 3 consecutive hours. That day I prefer to eat like any normal day, three meals and only caffeine (Mountain Dew) as a final boost.
  3. Gatonejo

    What’s your plan for Extra Life 2016?

    @Johnwolf, I have an information table at the entrance with forms for offline donations, and I collect donations from the people attending. Usually at that point most of the invitees have donated, but the ones that haven’t, I get them there. Also, many people invites other friends, and I get donations from them too. Additional to that, I run some small tournaments with entry fee to compete for a prize (something simple, around $10). Last year we did a Texas Hold'Em tournament and a Domino tournament. I try to keep the party small, friends and some friends of friends. I don't open it to the public, because that would involve more expenses and more issues.
  4. Let’s share our plan for Extra Life 2016. I think it is great to know what others are doing, that way we can get ideas, develop new ones or combine efforts. Like every year I’ll be focusing my efforts to get donations on Facebook. I’ll be sending direct messages to everyone in my friend list. The body of message will be the same for every person, but I will personalize the first two or three sentences. This has proven again and again to be very effective. Typically I raise around $400 doing just this. Next on my plan is to celebrate my traditional Extra Life party. I don’t have a place or a date yet, but I’m considering August at my house or October at a party room. It will be like a regular Puerto Rican party (loud music, and lots of food), but with numerous of games. Typically I raise around $400 doing this. And the last part of my plan for this year is to play the 24 hours. I will be doing this by myself on Friday, November 4th, starting at 8:00 AM (AST), and live on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/extralifepr).
  5. Gatonejo

    Welcome to the San Juan Guild!

    Hello everyone! My name is Juan Delgado. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but I moved to Minnesota in 2005. I have been an Extra Lifer since 2010, and every year I love it more. I have two Extra Life accounts, one for the San Jorge Children's Foundation and the second one for the Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare.