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  1. Hello everyone! Hopefully this is in the right place but I'm starting my Extra Life stream this Friday and will be running a whole 24 hours. I'm a smaller channel so I don't expect it to get crazy but I would love to find some people that are willing to help me out as a mod in my channel. I could do everything myself but that would require me to stop everything and spend a few minutes dealing out points to donors and a bunch of other stuff I have planned. I'm working on a google doc full of commands and a brief overview of what I'm looking for my mods to take care of aside from ensuring that no one is being disruptive in the chat. I'm currently looking for all hours, so if this is something that interests you please reach out to me here or at my twitch channel and let me know what times you would like to help me with and if you mod for other channels please include those channels. Much thanks and good luck with this years fund raising!
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