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  1. On Wednesday September 14th, 2016, the Extra Life Guild of Kansas City had our monthly meeting, this time hosted by members David and Ashley. This meeting had the distinction of being our first "potluck dinner" meeting with several members bringing food / or drink for all to enjoy. The meeting started with an update of our numbers so far this year. As of the meeting our hospital, KU Pediatric, has 497 participants signed up for this year, and we have raised a total of $11,353. These numbers leave us still short of our goals so the next few events are crucial. We then had a discussion of upcoming events. Our next big event is KC RenFest over the weekend of September 24th and 25th. Members Sean, Anthony, and Jen are scheduled to work the booth, being joined by Vice President Lori on Saturday, and being run by Jessie. Our next event will be the October 8th Cerner Game On Tournament. This is going to be Cerner's official game day, and as such they are running a full 25 hour marathon and tournament that day. Lori is point person for this event, and Cerner is providing donation and registration links on their page for the event. It is expected that the busiest time will be from 1-11pm. We have also been informed that Cerner will be providing a room for Extra Lifers that wish to complete their Game Day marathon at the event, or those that would just like to do this event as well as the official Game Day. If you are interested in assisting at this event, please contact Lori. We then had a few minutes of discussion about the fund raiser challenge. We are not yet completely sure when this will be held, or for how long. Jill is going to be in charge of this event, though we are starting the ball rolling. Most likely the challenge will be a 62 hour event (1 hour for each child admited to a CMN hospital per minute) and be in the middle of October. After the run down of the upcoming events, we discussed how people go about raising their funds. The main interest was in Lora's success with Facebook, and what she does that makes it so successful. The main points are, repetition (post more than once, and keep posting over the course of the year.) and make it personal (make it about someone, not just "the kids" but a specific kid, or you, or a friend. Make it about your birthday or something like that, just don't leave it generic. Give the people reading the post a reason to get in and help.) The meeting sort of ground to a halt there in a sea of conversations and the continued enjoying of the great food. Several of the attendants have posted saying they left the meeting feeling that it had reinforced with them the strength of the bond of the KC Guild as both Guildies and friends. See you at Octobers meeting!
  2. until
    For our September meeting David Finch, and Ashley Wentz have opened their home to the guild for a potluck meeting. Check the FaceBook event for a list of the goodies on the way. Address is: 11000 College Lane, Apt 1C Kansas City, MO 64137 David wants everyone to know the following, "Please park in the open spots but not in the covered parking. YOU WILL BE TOWED!!! Also it will be a pot luck party, bring your favorite dish (just avoid anything Chocolate and Coconut for Ashley and I are allergic to these items)." So to recap that, park in open spots, not in covered parking (Unless you like having a car towed), and do not bring anything with chocolate and/or coconut as there are allergies to take into consideration.
  3. On August 11 2016, The Extra Life Guild of Kansas City had it's monthly meeting, this month at Bartle Hall at our Kansas City Comic Con booth. Lora got us started with a Numbers update. As of the meeting, the guild has 417 participants and has raised $9842 so far this year. The participant numbers are not really impressive, as it leaves us 583 gamers to recruit and just under 3 months to do it in. (Yeah, game day is closer than you think). We need to recruit around 200 people a month to reach our goal before game day. Comparatively we are up 68 gamers and $1411 from last months meeting. Our recruitment challenge is up and moving. If you have any offline forms, please contact Lora and make arrangements to get those to her. As of right now, Lori is in the lead with 17, Lora have 13, Mike Andrews pulls in to 3rd with 7. A few others from the guild are also on board with a current pot of around $60. If you are wanting to be part of this challenge (the pot will be donated to the winners page) please contact Lora and get her your money. Also if you are already participating but have not yet got your ante to Lora, please make arrangements to do so. Lora is going to be scheduling several smaller events over the next couple of months to help us reach our recruitment goals with the philosophy, the more events we do, the more we recruit and the work can be spread out more among the guildies. At this point in the meeting we had a few sign-up sheets passed around. If you were not at the meeting, keep an eye on the facebook page for the event announcements and let Lora know if you want to help. You are encouraged to help where you can, but remember nobody has to do everything. But you should do something! We were also reminded that any of use can create an event, small or large, it does not have to only be events the leadership teams puts into place. If you learn of an event that you think would be a fit for us, let us know, then run with it. We'll be more than happy to get you involved in the event process. We are also considering a form of incentive for people to help with smaller events. One possibility was earning points from participating in the smaller events then using those points to have access to our larger more volunteered for events. We then concentrated on what was needed for this weekend's event, Kansas City Comic Con. Since that event has wrapped up and the information about it only applies to those that were volunteering, I'll not go over it here, but to say, keep an eye on the guild facebook page for the next couple of days, as Lora and Lori have the totals for donations and recruitment. On upcoming events we have the following On August 20th there is a meeting of the PoGo (Pokemon Go) tribes at Loose Park. It is being held at 6pm and is being hosted by the massive Pokemon Kansas City Facebook group. Keep and eye on the FB page for official information. We don't know yet if we'll have a booth and banner, or just some people walking around with clipboards and offline signup sheets, but we'll need 2 people to work this. August 25 will be Geeks who Drink:Quiz for a Cause at Tapcade. Finch is the point man on this, let him know if you are wanting to get involved. Coming up in September we have First Friday on September 1. Pawns and Pints, a new board game cafe opening in the Kansas City Crossroads area will be opening their doors for another preview of their space and we are invited to come and recruit again. We will also be their official charity upon their opening in October. It is possible that we may be doing an event there on gameday, More on that as we get details. Then on September 10 there will be and Extra Life Pokemon Walk. We are considering doing this once a month on the second Saturday of the month. If you are interested in helping, please let Lora know. Then on September 24-25 we have our annual booth at the KC Ren Fest. Jessie Bledsoe is the point person for this one, as ALL of the leadership team is unavailable that weekend. The weekend in question this year is Steampunk weekend and a Magic the Gathering tournament will be going on as well, should be a great weekend for us. If you are interested in working, you will need a costume, however don't let not having one deter you, as several of us have multiple costumes and are willing to lend them out to help out the guild. Get with Jessie if you are interested in helping. On to October events Another Tentative event, Free State Comicon on October 1 in Lawrence Kansas at the Douglas County Fairground. Keep an eye on the FB page for information on this. First Fridays at Pawns and Pints again on October 7th On October 8, Cerner will be hosting us for the KC Game On Tournament. This will be a 25 hour marathon tournament for Extra Life. They have stated a goal of $1000 they would like to raise. People can register at the tournament and online before hand. We want people there as much as possible to represent us in this. This is our first time doing this, so we don't know what to really expect, but we would like to have volunteers there for the beginning and end, and as much as possible in between but not necessarily overnight (unless you just really want to) Interested parties should contact Lori who will get back with you with the official schedule We then took some time to discuss training and help anyone that felt like they needed some help in any area. Lora then gave a very sweet and only heckled once (but lovingly) Thank You. No one person can do all this, it takes the guild, so thank you for everything you do for the guild and ultimately "For the Kids!" We wound up the meeting discussing that the next meetings location has yet to be decided, when David Finch and Ashley Wentz inviting the guild over to their house for a potluck meeting. Their address is 11000 College Lane, Apt 1C Kansas City, MO 64137. Usual meeting time, 6:30pm. See the Facebook event page for a list of who is bringing what to this awesome idea for a meeting. (And no Sean, you still can't bring just chips and salsa!) Our meeting then adjourned and we all headed out of the hot box that is Bartle Hall during a summer convention set up.
  4. On Wednesday July 13th, the Kansas City Guild held our July meeting at Tapcade in Kansas City. Lora provided me with the itinerary from that meeting so here is what we discussed. Welcome to some new faces! Numbers Update 349 participants and $8,431 raised! Recruitment Challenge 3 and a half months til Extra Life day, so it is time to kick it into high gear! We need to recruit a little over 200 people a month. Some of that will come organically…but a lot of it will require help from all of us! We did a recruitment challenge last year and it was a failure…not going to lie. But this year the leadership is determined to make this happen! From now until our Guild meeting on September 14, whoever recruits the most amount of people will win money donated to their Extra Life page! To participate and win, you need to donate at least $5 to the “pot” of money. Fundraising can be hard, so do some recruitment for fundraising money! This is inspired by an epic Extra Life United tournie that happened How will we keep track? At events, simply put your initials at the bottom of the paper forms. If you do an event yourself, you can enter the forms yourself or bring them to the next Guild meeting to be counted and submitted! For online entries, simply keep track and be honest…a lot of this will go on the honor system I don’t have materials…surprise…you do! How can we recruit? Recruit yourself: Have you signed up? Recruit friends: Have friends you know heard about it or signed up? Recruit in gaming groups you are in: Recruit gamers you know in FB groups, game guilds, etc If you’re a streamer…talk about it on your stream! Recruit Pokemon Go Players: a 24 hour Pokemon Go hunt sounds awesome and exhausting…but all players you come across while hunting could be potential ELers! You can even download the app on your phone and sign them up right there before your gym battle! Attend game nights and chat up gamers: Game Café, Tabletop Game and Hobby, SoPro and other stores in the area have weekly or monthly game nights…go, play some games, and talk about Extra Life You can hang posters and stuff places too…but most people will sign up after a convo Attend one of the events we lined up for you and recruit at our booth spaces and through the halls! POKEMON GO BREAK. Take a few minutes to catch Pokemon July Events KantCon, July 24 & 25 @ OP Convention Need volunteers for our booth at this Tabletop convention A bit more dialed down than Planet, but we may still do a penny war. Mostly just sign ups Pass our sign up list KC Game On Tournament, July 30 @ Cerner Cerner’s gaming group has a tournament once a quarter. We’re on for this one and the October one which may actually be a 25 hour marathon for Extra Life 2 to 10pm, most likely. Tournie is all day, but he said this is peak time Do sign-ups and maybe a penny war August Events KANSAS CITY COMICON, August 12 to 14 @ Bartle Hall This will not be as involved as Planet Comicon…we will only have our booth, but we still need many people there Feedback I got was that we need more people at the booth at a time, especially if we do a BINGO card or something for it…so I’d love to schedule 3 people at once in a shift 4 hours needed to volunteer No online paperwork as far as I know. No need to come to a meeting beforehand…though our EL meeting is that week. IF I can get passes, I’d love to pass them out at the meeting and brush up on some recruitment speeches Got 8 badges last year that we had to share…working on getting the same amount No sure if we will do a BINGO card…finding out Sign ups and either a raffle or a penny war John Schneider, one of the founders of CMN, will be there. We are hoping to get him to sign something to raffle off, come chat with us, or record a video Geeks Who Drink: Quiz for a Cause, August 25 @ Tapcade September Events KCRF, September 24 & 25 Jessie Bledsoe will be the point person for this; all paperwork has been filled out and in the August meeting we will do sign-ups and follow up information I know it is after…but we may extend the deadline Sign-ups, penny war, and giant Jenga Fundraising Challenge Several of us had fun at the fundraising challenge last year, so we’re going to do it again this year in October. More details to come! Other possible events? Have some applications to some Fall Festivals and such if we are interested in trying that out. Anyone want to help? (Waldo in Sept and Parkville in August) I have a list of organizations and events that I thought would be good but to whom I have not reached out…does anyone have contacts at any of these places so we can get involved with them? Even if it just writing an article for their blog or whatever? August Meeting: August 10 at 6:30pm….Location TBD The meeting was live streamed to the guild Facebook page, where archival video can still be found. If you'd like to see what you missed instead of just reading about it, come to our Facebook page at
  5. 2 years ago today, I had the great privilege of attending what would be the inaugural meeting of the Extra Life Kansas City Guild. The meeting was held at the Microsoft store in the Oak Park Mall and it was packed. Anyone that had participated in Extra Life for KU Pediatrics was invited. Most of us had no idea what exactly was going on, except that it was to do with Extra Life. A member of the national team was there, as was our local coordinator, Jill Garrard. We watched the tear jerking video about Victoria and how she influenced the creation of Extra Life. We broke into groups and held discussions about how and where we could recruite. We set goals for what we would like to see accomplished by our guild. At that meeting the foundation for our guild was built and we've been going strong ever since. New friendships have been made, new gamers recruited to Extra Life, and more kids have been helped because of those heroes. Many of us have had opportunities to experience things that may have been impossible for us otherwise. It's been an amazing journey so far, thanks for taking it with us.
  6. Good Morning everyone. On this day in 2014, a gathering was held at the Microsoft store in the Oak Park Mall, Overland Park Kansas. That gathering was the inaugural meeting of the Extra Life of Kansas City Guild. Those that had participated in Extra Life in the past were invited to this gathering to help form the guild. There was excitement in the air, and it was the first time many of us saw the now familiar video about Victoria Enmon, and how she inspired the creation of Extra Life. All of the good that the guild has done for the children in need of KC began here. Here's to many more years to come!
  7. KnytFyre

    July Meeting

    July's meeting is going to be on July 13th, at 6:30 at the Tapcade at the Crossroads. Tapcade is a combination full service restaurant/bar/retro arcade. We will be discussing our upcoming recruitment opportunities including Kant Kon. Bring your recruitment ideas and schedules, and your appetite for great food and retro arcade games. See you there! Tapcade 1701 McGee Suite 200 Kansas City, MO 64108
  8. On Wednesday June 8,2016 the Extra Life Guild of Kansas City had our June meeting at the Microsoft Store. Lora started off the meeting with some well deserved congratulations. KU Pediatric Center's Ambassador for 2016, Joe Tillery, was invited to attend E3 with the Extra Life National staff to recruit for Extra Life! Extra Life Guild of Kansas City member David Finch is now an official Extra Life streamer! You can catch him streaming every Wednesday from 2pm till 4pm Central Time. Also from the Guild, Peter Hillhouse has also become and official Extra Life streamer! His stream runs 10pm til midnight of Fridays! Next we were given a numbers update for the year. As of now, there are 288 gamers signed up to participate, and we have raised $6,671. Included in these totals are the money that Lora Williams and Reed Scarfino won while at Extra Life United. Lora then went on to recap how we did at the Planet Comicon booth. 115 Sign ups. 437 Bingo Cards returned Approximately $160 raised through the penny war (PC won, beating Xbox by 5 cents) Next we discussed some feed back from Planet Comicon. For those that didn't attend the meeting, but did work at the Planet Comicon booth, Lora has asked for your feedback on the following items. Should the penny war just be all positive, highest amount wins? It's shorter and easier to say, or does the vote down add to the experience? Would a raffle or silent auction be better than the penny war? For larger events, would it be beneficial to have 3 or 4 people working the booth instead of just 2? Any other observations, suggestions, or questions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Our next discussion centered on a Recruitment Challenge. We tried this last year, but we are ready to try again. What would motivate you to recruit during this challenge? (Money donated to your Donor Drive. a game) How long should the Challenge be? How should it be held? Recruit online, at events, everything combined? What would be the best way to track it? Sharing totals at the meeting or having a page on these forums? Would you be interested in a Recruitment Pool, where everyone chips in a few dollars, and the person with the most recruits at the end gets all that money donated to their Donor Drive? Are we interested in another $62 day challenge? This is where we challenge all Extra Lifers in KC to raise $62 in one day. The significance of 62 is that on average, 62 kids a minute are checked into Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We run the challenge 62 days out from the marathon, which this year falls on Labor Day. We then discussed some upcoming events for June. The WarCraft movie is coming out. Lori Glaspie has already set up a recruitment drive at the Lee's Summit movie theater. Anyone interested in working their local theater for future shows and in need of assistance on what to do can contact guild leadership for help. Free RPG day is on June 18th. KCRPG Guild is having events at Games Cafe and Tabletop. All guild members are encouraged to stop by either location, talk to people, play some games, and do a little recruiting. Contact Lora if you need flyers, or offline sign up sheets. We have a booth reserved for us at Maker Faire. There are no further needs for this event, but if you have an interest contact Lora and she'll get with Lori. Upcoming July Events KantCon returns to the Overland Park Convention Center July 22-24th this year. We intend to have a booth available, anyone interested in working it, please contact Lora with your availability. Upcoming events August and September Kansas City Comicon runs August 12-14 at Bartle Hall. Anyone interested in working this event please contact Lora with your availability. Kansas City Renaissance Festival is coming up. We plan on being there September 24-25. There is a need for someone to head up this event. All leadership have prior engagements and can not run the event. While it may be possible to choose a different weekend, this is the weekend that would be of most benefit for us as it is the gaming weekend, with Magic the Gathering tournaments and more. If you would like to step up and be the point person for this event, contact Lora. (You'll make her day!) We then opened the floor to discussion about what other events may be available to recruit at. Things such as Fall Festivals, City Markets, Craft Faires, Trunk or Treats (though the proximity to the game day may make that a little tight), Bridal Shows, Park University Festival, College Faires, Irish Fest, Zona Rosa Festivals, Nerdy Movie nights at the Alamo Drafthouse, Other movie premiers, Up/Down Night (Sean is working on this already), Geek Trivia Night (Finch is working on this), Game Nights at local stores. Any other ideas, or if you know of anything falling into one of these categories contact guild leadership. And finally we announced that the July meeting would be on July 13th at 6:30pm. Location is still being determined. Have a great day!
  9. On Wednesday April 13th the Extra Life Guild of Kansas City had our April meeting at SoPro Gaming in Overland Park Kansas. The main point of the meeting was to inform everyone of multiple upcoming recruitment opportunities, and to provide a short Role Playing style training session, here is what we covered. This was also our first meeting where we attempted to live stream it via Hangouts On Air, and while only about the first 30 minutes was broadcasts, you can see those 30 minutes here at our YouTube archive. (Advanced apologies for grainy and blurry image, my camera wasn't cooperating.) Notes continue past the video. Lora started us out by discussing events that we have available before Planet Comicon, and the passing out of shirts to those in the guild that did not have either an Extra Life or Children's Miracle Network shirt. We then went into taking Planet Comicon Signups. If you are wanting to volunteer it is imperative that you get with Lora, Lori or Brett immediately as April 20th is the deadline to be screened by PCC for volunteer status. Much was mentioned here about needs for the event, that does not need to be retyped here. If you need additional information about what we are doing at Planet Comicon and what the hours will be, please contact a member of guild leadership. We also discussed what items will be available for the guild to use at the booth and the gaming rooms and what methods we will be using for sign ups. We then broke down into training groups to have a "Role Playing" session of what running a booth is like for our new comers, and a bit of a refresher course for our veterans. After the training session we quickly went over what was coming up after PCC The main item we discussed was the Charity Concert and Extra Life take over of Squirrely's Bar and Grill in the Northland on June 4th. Big thanks to Katie and Brie who ran with the idea and did all the heavy lifting on this. Main points, Squirrely's is turning over there establishment to Extra Life KC on Saturday June 4th. Activities include 3 live bands, including Clearly Guilty (Lora's Band), Red Jack, and Double Tap. There will be a darts tourny, and a silent and live auction with all proceeds going to KU Pediatric Center, the Children's Miracle Network hospital for the KC area. While this is not an official Guild Recruitment event, it is our official first Guild Fun Event. Event is all ages until 10pm when it becomes 21+ We then discussed other upcoming recruitment events to keep on radar. They include, Maker Faire (bid has been placed) KantCon table top gaming convention in July KCCC or Kansas City Comicon in August Ren Fest in September We finished up the meeting by deciding on the location, date and time for the next monthly meeting. It will be on May 19th at 6:30, at H Roe Bartle Hall in Kansas City Missouri. This meeting will follow the PCC volunteer meeting and will take place in the PCC space. This will be an excellent opportunity for volunteers to pick up their badges and to get to see what a convention looks like without wall to wall cosplayers.
  10. KnytFyre


    Is that a guild a 5 Guys? I'm like drooling here at the concept, and being Secretary for KC, means I can make it happen! And yeah, shirts look bawler!
  11. KnytFyre

    April Meeting

    Our April Guild meeting will be at SoPro Gaming in Overland Park Kansas. For those that attended our March meeting, this is right next door to the store we had that meeting at. Store address is: 9240 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS Hope to see you there.
  12. On Wednesday March 9 2016, the Extra Life Guild of Kansas City had our second meeting of the year. The meeting was held at TableTop Games and Hobby in Overland Park KS. Jill started off the meeting with a round of introductions as there were several new faces in the crowd. After introductions Jill opened an in depth discussion of the guild touching on the topics of the guilds purpose, the roles of leadership, the Guild Handbook as well as setting the guilds membership to those present at that meeting and other known guild members. She then moved onto discussing what our guild's goals were for the up coming year, stating that this year we have set a goal of having 1000 gamers playing for KU Medical Center. Jill then turned the floor over to Lora who opened a discussion about guild levels, breaking down the 3 available levels, and the requirements to reach each level as well as stating a goal for the guild to reach gold status, having already achieved silver status. Next was the formation of the Entertainment Committee for which volunteers were asked for. Brie Clemens, David Finch, William Hill, and Katie Uminn all volunteered. The committee was formed with those volunteers with the Guild Secretary working with them. Next up was Upcoming events with the following events being discussed. 1) Naka-Kon - this weekend, all volunteers set, email forth coming with information for the volunteers on where to go and how to get their badges. 2) Symphony for the Goddess, the Zelda Symphony - in 2 weeks - all volunteers set. 3) Free Comic Book Day at Elite Comics in Overland Park KS. - We have reached out to Elite comics who is graciously allowing us room at their HUGE Free Comic Book Day festivities - May 7 - Volunteer positions available. 4) Planet Comicon - May 20-22 - Volunteer positions available - Probably the biggest single event for the Guild this year with the guild having 3 distinct ways we are being involved. 3 sub committees are being formed, one for each area. Booth, Table Top Gaming Room, Digital Gaming Room - Volunteer positions available While other future events were on the agenda, time was getting late and the remaining items were set aside for our next meeting. Next the guild had a brainstorming session with all the guild members being asked to provide any known events that the guild may be able to get involved with where we could do some recruiting. Many ideas were written down and turned in. Afterwards we had our first Training session with all the guild leaders participating. This months topic was Ice Breaking, how to initiate the Extra Life conversation. Many great ideas were discussed including commenting on attire / costumes, and using that as a segue into a conversation, just being natural, realizing that at most conventions, we will share more than a few interests with the people walking attending, and realizing that it's not personal if they are not interested. People go to conventions knowing they will be spoken to about a number of topics, no one holds it against someone for talking about something they are passionate about. Then we moved into the creation of an "Elevator Speech" or what to say once you have their attention. The meeting was adjourned after the training session. Guild Leadership and the CMNH coordinator agreed that it was one of the best meetings we have had in a while, and it was nice to see so many new faces.
  13. I had a thought the other day and decided I would bring it up here and see if anyone is interested. In the world of racing there are 24 hour endurance races, the 24 hours of La Mans likely being the most famous. It is possible to recreate these races in Forza 6. My question is, who would be interested in creating teams to race the 24 hour race during our Game Day. I'm trying to gauge interest, then come up with rules and possible prizes for the racers. So far I'm thinking teams of 3-4, all cars locked in the same class, full collision and damage on, driver's must drive for 1 hour before swapping drivers, and driver swaps must take place during a pit stop. Let me know what you think. It would be awesome if we could get 10 or so teams, representing guilds and EL teams involved. Streams would be epic, with each team streaming it's view point, while a designated spectator would stream the overall event.
  14. Tonight we had our first meeting of 2016! It was great to see the returning faces from 2015 and to see some new faces as well. Here is a brief synopses of our meeting. 1. First we had a quick meet and great. Everyone present introduced themselves and gave a quick explanation as to why they are a part of Extra Life. It was really a treat to get to understand the motivation behind each participant. Everything from just wanting to be part of something, to having a child that almost needed help, to having been born with sickle cell anemia and wanting to give back. 2. Jill Garrard took over the meeting for a moment to discus our guild overview, purpose and discuss the roles of leadership. In short, our purpose is singular in scope, the guild is for recruitment of more players for Extra Life. It was also discussed how the leadership team are the go to people for the members. 3. Jill also talked about our goals for the 2016 season and gave us our number for the 2015 season. In 2015 we had just over 700 gamers and raised $65,000. The leadership team has decided that our goals for 2016 will be 1,000 gamers, raising $100,000. This goal may seem difficult, but we agree that it is well within the reach of the guild. Kansas City's geek culture is on the rise, and with it, comes opportunities to reach out to more people. 4. Jill returned the floor to Lora Williams who then spoke of volunteer needs, one of which is quite urgent. a) The urgent need is for volunteers for the inaugural Stealth Con in Warrensburg this weekend, February 13 and 14. If you are available anytime this weekend, and fancy a short road trip out to Warrensburg, contact Lori Glaspie to see how you can be a help. Our next need for volunteers is for the Naka-Kon on March 11-13th at the Overland Park Convention Center. Lora Williams currently has the sign ups for this convention, anyone interested in assisting should contact her. This is also a special convention as it will be Extra Life KC's first time at it, and we are the official local charity of the event. We will have a blurb in the program, and possible announcements over the PA during the con. Volunteers will be pulling double duty, talking to people about Extra Life and checking badges of the people entering the game room. c) Our final imminent need for volunteers is the Zelda Symphony on March 26th at the Music Hall. This is a special event as the Zelda Symphony is working with Extra Life guilds across the nation. KC is double special as it is the only event to have a second show scheduled for 3:30pm after the initial performance sold out quickly. This gives us the opportunity to reach more people with a single event. Those interested in volunteering for the Zelda Symphony contact Lora Williams. 5. Future meetings were briefly discussed as to acknowledge a varied venue for the meetings. We have had several meetings at the Microsoft store, but we do break out on occasion to head to different locations. Several were discussed, including a possible meeting while helping set up Ebash for the upcoming Planet Comicon. 6. Finally we discussed the concept of what days and times worked best for people. Several people commented that the current day/time worked fine for them, as long as they knew in advance. Lora stated that if we decided to keep the current set up (the second Wednesday of the month) that it would be a hard and fast rule and not variable as it had been the previous year. The discussion of the issue ended without a permanent date being set, as there were some that were unable to be at the first meeting that leadership would like to get the opinion of first. However the date for the next meeting was set following this time frame making the next meeting on March 9th. Location to be determined.
  15. Alright, so this should have been posted here a couple of days ago, and I'm sorry, but here it is. Last Wednesday, October 14, we had what is likely to be our last guild meeting of the year, and definitely our last one before game day. Yeah, game day is less than 3 weeks away now! So here is a quick run down on what was discussed. Jill kicked off the meeting with a Miracle Moment about a boy named Bo. I can't really do this story justice, but Bo has such an odd medical condition, that they named it after him, Bo's Syndrome, or at least that's what his doctors call it. They actually aren't even sure if there is another kid in the world with this. Next Jill Garrard gave us the numbers recap, letting us know where we stand compared to next year, and compared to our goals. Jill also caught us up on Extra Life United, which there are still tickets available for if you'd like to go to Florida and represent the KC area. Jill also announced that the hospital will be sponsoring 2 local Extra Lifers to go. There has been a committee formed that will make the decision and that decision will be made sometime after game day. We then discussed some upcoming last minute recruitment opportunities. These include some at SoPro, including a ladies night on October 22 and 29th, and a Mario Kart Tournament on October 24th at 1:30. If you would be interested in showing up to SoPro for any of those events, please leave a comment below. Elite Comics is also having a Comic Book Day of the Dead on Halloween that we can recruit at. We have our first recruitment opportunity for 2016 coming up on November 12-15, with Midwast Game Fest at the Overland Park Convention Center (same place Kantcon was held). Lora is looking for some folks that would like to come up and get us a jump on our 2016 recruitment. Lora also has a revised Recruitment Speech that she has written down for us, it's basically all the talking points she uses when talking to potential new Extra Lifers. She has informed me that she will be adding it to the page as a separate post. And we concluded by discussing some of the game day opportunities in the area. Among them are SoPro will be open from 8am Saturday - 2am Sunday, possibly longer if we can get 15 people to commit to a lock in! We know that Game Cafe in Independence will be open, but probably not for the full 24 hours. If you know of any public gaming parties going on, please let us know in the comments. If we get enough of them. I'll collate them into a post. Have a great day!
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