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  1. Descrier

    Getting Donations

    That's a pretty creative idea. Just make sure your cost to make them doesn't exceed any donations you may receive for them, otherwise its counter productive. You want to encourage donations and not incentive them.
  2. Not having a microphone may hurt a little bit as it hinders you from communicating with your viewers and chat. Plays games you enjoy, but don't become a variety streamer. Focus on select games if you're looking to build a following. Also find your focus while streamer; do you like competitive play? Instructional? Casual? Speedrunning? This ought to help focus your content.
  3. @Pseuda @howlit@robhj Wanna post your Twitch links? = )
  4. ExtraLifeTO is on Twitch! This channel has been created to allow streamers within our guild and community to showcase their passion for gaming as well as spread the word about Extra-Life, SickKids and our guild. We're looking for people who would be interested in participating by streaming their content on a scheduled basis. If you're interested in helping out with either streaming, moderating or help out in any other way, comment below! There's also been discussion about streaming during our 24-hour game day marathon. If you're also interested in that, speak up. We'll discuss details at a later guild meeting, closer to the event. Can also join our Discord channel for further discussion on streaming: (link never expires)
  5. <-- This link will NEVER expire. Please feel free to jump in and join so we can become being active! Added to the first thread message.
  6. Welcome @Rhaenys and @CammyMcArthur!
  7. Congrats! Looking forward to what you guys bring to the guild.
  8. 24-hour invite link:
  9. Descrier

    Swag Ideas

    Really digging #9 and #10 for the hoodies. <3 me some zip up hoodies. At the meeting there was a super sweet light blue tee with the white guild logo on it (Cloud 9 colour)?
  10. Would anyone be interested in joining a Discord channel for our Extra-Life TO guild? Could be a good way to connect and game together between social events. <-- This link will NEVER expire. Please feel free to jump in and join so we can become being active! In case you don't know what Discord is:
  11. Would love to get together with you guys for a PokéWalk. I'll see ya at the meeting.
  12. The camera is plug-n-play. Shouldn't have to install anything.
  13. I have a Logitech camera we can use, sadly no laptop.
  14. I'd be totally down for this. Been playing a TON of 3DS lately, and with games like the new Monster Hunter Generations coming out that month you can probably expect a lot of people!
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