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  1. Why do you Extra Life?I Extra life because I love to help others that need it. Bad things happen to good people, they deserve support. Even if it's only one child, I hope to make them smile and have a fighting chance. I know that sounds really cheesy but I've lost friends and family members (including my father when I was a child), I don't want others to have to go through that kind of pain.How long have you been participating?I haven't been participating all that long, but I do plan on continuing my participation.What Hospital do you play for and why?I play for Levine's children's hospital. I stated why I play above, but why I play for this specific hospital is because I know people that have been there. There are so many great people there that are simply looking to get better.Are you a member of one of our Guilds?No, I do have a team though (Gamer's Heart)What do you do when you aren't helping kids?School work mostly....Anything else you'd like your fellow Extra Lifers to know about you!Hmmmmm... I like tacos.... and.... ummmmmmmm...... yeeeeaaaahhhhh http://www.twitch.tv/glitchalert/profile
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/glitchalert/profile Hey guys, I'm Haru (GlitchAlert on twitch). I'm really excited about being a part of the extra life community (even though I don't really know where to start ). I play a mix of games and let people ask for certain games. "If I have it, I'll play it".
  3. Hey guys! Hoping everyone has been doing well.

    :eek: (anyone else think this face looks kind of like a donut/bagel?)

  4. http://www.twitch.tv/glitchalert/profile If you follow I will love you 5ever Wish you all the best of luck! Now let's raise money for people in need!!!
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