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  1. I need to have my donation page restored by the tech support crew, but the response said that I will get an answer in 2-3 business days. I would like to resume streaming today if I could so can my donation page be restored sooner than that please?
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  3. I am Matthew Griffin from Novaura Autism. Last year, I joined Extra Life to support McMaster Children's Hospital because it was here where I was diagnosed with my Autism. I am also involved with other volunteer groups where I live in Kitchener-Waterloo, including Waterloo Region Family Network and the Knights of Columbus. I have also been running my own YouTube gaming channel called Novaura Autism since the end of 2012. I have featured 30 games in my catalogue to this point covering a variety of genres and consoles. The most popular game(s) in my catalogue is the Final Fantasy XIV series, which I started in March 2014 and have made about 300 videos on to this point. This has included "A Realm Reborn", its expansion "Heavensward", as well as a weekly Vlog talking about my Free Company (guild). I would certainly welcome any support from my fellow Guild members for my channel and I, of course will do my part to help grow and support the Hamilton Extra Life Guild.
  4. I saw the Extra Life broadcasting kit being made available but I would like to know if these are usable if you are using the Twitch Live Stream option on the PS4. There is no indication on the download page that says the broadcasting kit can be used in this manner. Please let me know if it can be used this way.
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