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  1. Has anyone ever had an experience of throwing a fundraiser dinner through a restaurant? My team is looking to throw one, but they will send the check for the donation directly to CMNH, and we were wondering if anyone had a way of having that donation be put towards the extra-life team's goal? If you have any tips or recommendations I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  2. I am using a capture card and XSplit for my streaming since it allowed for more flexibility throughout the day.
  3. Hey guys! Extra-Life will be my first streaming experience and I have done a lot of preparation for my stream. However, this weekend some friends and I had an idea to get a group together to play Until Dawn on the stream as a group in my living room from 1 PS4. My one concern is that because we're playing this 1-player game as a group experience what is my best solution for audio since everyone won't have headphones available? Currently my desktop mic option is the mic in my webcam (not ideal probably), but I'm not against buying a desktop mic that's within a budget (under $40 or cheaper). Do you have any recommendations for how to keep the audio from reverberating/echoing while still allowing us to have this cool experience we're all hyped to do? Thanks!
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