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  1. until
    Hi everyone! I'll be streaming Dungeons and Dragons via Roll20 today for Tabletop Appreciation Day! Stop on in and check it out
  2. These are awesome! Was it hard to do? I think one with fireworks would be cool too
  3. Hello again! For anyone interested, I have started making the Roll20 campaign for those interested. Create a Roll20 account and join here:
  4. Hey everyone! A few people expressed interest in playing DnD as a guild activity. I'm willing to create and lead a campaign for everyone and just wanted to gauge interest and get a feel for how many players there would be. Ideally, I would be looking for a group of 4-6 players. If you are interested and feel intimidated FEAR NOT! I am welcoming to new players and will help you learn how to play and navigate on roll20. You will need a few things though. You will need a Roll20 account and I recommend playing through the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the program: You will need a basic understanding of the DnD 5e rules and an idea of what race/class you would like to play: And you will also need Discord as it will be our primary way to communicate. In my discord server I have a channel specifically for the sharing of DnD materials and Ideas, Feel free to stop in: And if you are curious as to what a typical game of DnD looks like, you can see some of our other online campaigns here:… (shameless begging to like/comment/subscribe here kappa) If you have any questions, I am usually hanging out in the discord link provided. Once I get an idea for the number of players I'll start working on the campaign and set a date. Be talking to you guys soon!
  5. Also, I added a section to my YouTube for ALL Extra Lifers. So now anyone who visits my channel can see all the people I support <3 I'll do my best to watch this forum and have turned on notifications, but if you have a youtube and want to be added to the list send me a pm or post it here with a @Daddywarrbux
  6. Love these! Liked/Subbed to everyone above me
  7. I made a video to help everyone set up their Extra Life stream using some of the assets available for download from the Extra Life community site, StreamPro, and from @bread_man. Hope it helps some and hope everyone has a great game day!
  8. Wanted to post pictures of the Akron guilds booth at Hall of Fame City Comic Con and the option to select the guilds album in the gallery is grayed out. What gives?
  9. thank you for this! I'll pass this along to administration come December.
  10. For those who may not know I work in a special needs school. Administration has been supportive of Extra Life and has agreed to allow me to promote the charity within the school, collect donations for the hospital from students/parents and have even expressed interest in an event at the school. Here are my thoughts: Food is a big motivator for my students and I considered setting a goal to be met by Nov. 4 (Fri before Extra Life gameday) and treating students that participated to a pizza party and games instead of schoolwork. The biggest problem associated with this is the cost and where it would come from. Different but in the same line of thought as the first, but instead of the school working towards a goal each classroom would raise money on their own and the class that raised the most would be rewarded with the party. Less costly (and also less rewarding for the student population as a whole), but this method has been the most effective in the past when we do our canned food drive. I'm looking for any other suggestions, I'm not the most creative person and I thought maybe you guys could help EDIT: Looking ahead to the future, if the guild was interested in branching out and doing "non-Extra Life" things for the Children's Hospital kiddos (like I've seen other guilds do) we could also organize a toy drive in December centered around the school. We also usually adopt a family, when the time comes for that I can share the information with the guild as well
  11. Neat! updating OP for clarity. Think you can look into it and get a definite one way or the other before the Sep. meeting?
  12. Hiya! This thread is to discuss ideas for what we can do to improve our presence at conventions to have a more organized, engaging, and professional presentation. At the last meeting (I attended) some ideas were thrown around that were good ideas and I'd like to put them into writing and flesh them out further. I've included pictures of other Extra Life booths for reference (shamelessly taken from the official pages or from google) Those images can be viewed Here. So here are some things to consider: Our booth kit includes promotional materials There are some game related decorations we could use @CAWZY often brings a laptop, monitor, and controllers to use We have a tablecloth and a backdrop on order (although I can't remember what @LifeSalubrity had said about the color/design) Technology at our Booth The use of technology is extremely important. The laptop that Cawzy brings is useful because we can play games on it and that increases the level of interaction we have with convention-goers and draws people towards us. It is also nice to be able to show commercials/testimonials about Extra Life, feature Extra Life streamers, and useful for being able to register people on the spot. While it is true that we are able to register participants on our phones with the app I feel people are more wary about giving out their personal information to some random guy with their phone then an organization, if that makes sense. As beneficial as it is to have the laptop it does have it's own set of challenges. Our booth needs to be located next to an outlet, the venue would need internet access, and Cawzy would need to bring his personal property to the convention and risk it being damaged; in addition to it simply not being available if Cawzy is not available or him leaving it with somebody. Now I could make a comment about how great Cawzy is and that he would do his best to make it available and that he trusts us enough to do that, but that's not the point. It would be best if everything was contained in the booth kit so that it was always available and owned by the guild. I'd like to now list my ideas on what we need without the presumption of how to get them. That is something we can discuss at a later date and whether or not it is something we could purchase or something someone is willing to donate as I know from previous discussion we have people who are generous and willing to provide the items for the guild. Laptop Monitor Controller (preferably wireless with adapter) Mobile Hotspot (if internet is not available) Spare Laptop Battery (if access to electrical outlet is not available) Printer/Ink/Paper* Camera/Webcam* Something I've noticed in some of the pictures(#'s 2,3, and 7) that could be considered as an alternative to the laptop/monitor/hotspot setup would be a tablet with a data plan. Any device with a long battery life and mobile access would be useful for registering participants and could be used to showcase videos and Extra Life streams as stated above. * Cawzy has an idea about using printers to generate game-related background of a donors choice as an incentive for donations as events. Maybe he can elaborate in reply to this post? Organization I am a little OCD. The #3 and #7 pictures stand out to me. They look neat, everything is arranged in rows, and their table is free of clutter. The one thing that stands out to me about all the different setups is that sometimes less is more. We have a variety of materials available (tri-fold pamphlets, full sheets, buck slips) but with all of those items having the same information on them I feel as if it might be better to only include one type of material on our table at a time in order to have a more concise, streamlined presentation. One thing I noticed was that if multiple types of materials was available some people would take a variety because it was available, which is redundant. Another thing I've noticed from other examples that we are lacking is a "donation jar". If you look many of the pictures have some kind of slotted container branded with the logo. Picture #1 has three jars competing to see what community can generate the most between Xbox, Playstation and PC (which I kind of love). I think a jar that people can just walk up to and stick money in would be useful for three reasons: not everyone wants to participate and a jar would make it so they could contribute and leave without interaction, people need to be able to see that we take donations, and people are usually willing to spill their loose change or a couple small bills into a jar. This post is getting long and ranty, so I am going to wrap it up with a proposed "table space" layout. Please keep in mind that these are just my ideas and suggestions. If you think of something else or have a different idea please comment below. People who have volunteered to give the following: Laptop - Cawzy Monitor - Daddywarbux: Emachines E182h LCD Monitor Controller - Mobile Hotspot - Spare Laptop Battery - Printer/Ink/Paper* - Cawzy Camera/Webcam* - Tablet - Daddywarrbux: Acer Iconia Tab A100
  13. These are businesses that have already agreed to be a part what were doing here in Akron, we obviously wouldn't waste production resources on people we haven't spoken with previously or make the assumption that we could put materials in businesses. @dmpaskiet was suggesting we have something prepared beforehand so that AFTER a location requests materials we would have a "kit" available to send them.
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