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  1. Hi Brandon, Right now the local SLC chapter of Extra Life is on hiatus due to staff turnover at Primary Children's Hospital. While guild events and meetings are not currently taking place I encourage you to visit . The site lists tons of ways to get involved with or without a guild. If you have a specific question I would be happy to answer it. Hopefully this helps.
  2. We will be discussing our fantastic success at GamingCon and giving out some awards. We will also be talking about July's event. Please come and bring a game that you would want to play with a group of people. We had a blast playing some games last meeting and I think it would be great to do again. Thank you for all that volunteered at this last event, we had immense success and we owe it to you.
  3. The Salt Lake Guild now has a Twitter! Make sure to go follow us for updates on events and any other fun things we are doing. There may even be giveaways Keep up all the good work! Shimzen (McKay)
  4. Just a side note. The reason the meeting is so long, is that we will be having a game night in conjunction with our meeting. Make sure you bring your favorite table top/board game, and be ready for some fun! McKay Kunz President, SLC guild XBL: Michizle88 Steam: Shimzen Twitch: Shimzen
  5. I wish I could but I will be out of the country that week. I am sad that I cannot make it. Please keep me posted on any continuing activities.
  6. I am new to the community but have a deep and personal connection with PCH. Please let me know if I can ever do anything to help. I am holding a 24 hour stream on the 7th to do my part.
  7. I was wondering if anyone else was participating in the National Game Day on November 7th? I personally will be streaming on twitch for 24 hours. I was hoping to shout out any other events or streams happening on that day to better help the Primary Children's goal. If you are doing something on or around this day and want me spread the word through my community connections, let me know. This is my first personal extra life event and I am very excited to participate. I wish you all the best of luck in your events, and please let me know what I can do to help with our SLC goal. McKay aka Shimzen @shimzenplays
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