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  1. Info about the Microsoft store party. 9AM in the Domain Microsoft store.
  2. Plotspackle

    Nov 5th

    Game day is rapidly approaching, do we know what's going on yet?
  3. I really enjoyed the game selection that we ended up having. I feel as if quicker games that are easier to pick up are better for this sort of tournament, and half an hour SC2 games would have been almost impossible with our setup. Letting people register as their screen name would be nice, as many of us try to hide our IRL name. From my friends who were spectating at home, they were unable to find the brackets, and wished that the main page of extra life had an info page about the tournament (brackets, stream link, probable times of stream.)
  4. I'd be down for fun in the park in the evenings! I got to go a few years ago, but now they have the whole new star wars area that I need to check out, and Epcot is always amazing, even if you don't drink.
  5. I'm in PC track and I wish there were not so many MOBAs. I totally expected one to pop up, but why three? It seems boring and repetitive as they are essentially the same game. Also, I feel as if people who have never played hearthstone will be at a great disadvantage due to being stuck with mostly basic cards, or having to drop tons of money on the game to have a fighting chance. Same goes for having more champions in League, HOTS, and I assume DOTA(never played it). I sorry if I come off as whiny, but it feels wrong to me to pick games that have people with such a disadvantage before the matches even start.
  6. Allright, Extra Life University is a go! We will be practicing every night this week at about 9 PM Central time. Come join in the learning over at my Twitch! I plan on bringing my own contoller, I really hope the don't make us play with the keyboard.
  7. I would have gone last time, but I did not hear about it until too late. I am super excited to go and meet with everyone. It's so weird, people at my work don't understand why I'm doing this if I'm not winning any money for me. But then again, none of them game. Also, I will totally join the id train! Twitch, Steam, Discord, and PSN - PlotSpackle
  8. I plan on streaming my practice and I will be disappointed if people don't try to steal what I learn.
  9. I'm wondering who else is planning to go to extra life united? Do y'all have any tips for a first timer? And does anyone want to go in on a room?
  10. I'll be holed up in my bedroom streaming all day. If/When I reach my goal, I'm going to be playing LoZ: Link's Awakening on a DDR pad. Other than that, who knows! Shameless plug time!
  11. Hey! I'm Chris, or PlotSpackle! I started extra life way back in 2012, someone I knew told me about it, and I jumped in as soon as I could. I'm a little late jumping into this community for this year, but I hope to be on here more often in the future.
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