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  1. Sodabread

    Attention Top 30 for 2017!

    'Eeeeeeeyyyyyyy. Travis Terlinden checking in.
  2. I'm looking to meet some other Extra Lifers in the Lehigh Valley! I know there's a few, as I worked with them at my previous job, but I've never found anyone in the wild. If y'all are out there, perhaps we can have a meetup at one of the local arcades or at the retro game night at the BrewWorks!
  3. Sodabread

    Dad and Daughter teaming up!

    That's fantastic! I anticipate the day when I my daughter can participate in the full 24! P.S. #TeamBreadRepresent!
  4. Sodabread


    I never done posted here! Hey, everyone! I'm Travis. I'm, at this point, a 5 year strong Extra Lifer. Granted, I've only succeeded my first year in going the full 24 (25) hours, but I'm determined this time to make it! A little about myself.. I'm 35, a husband to a beautiful wife and father to 2 wonderful little girls (6 and 3). I'm a 2005 graduate of Full Sail with a Bachelors in Game Design & Development. I'm a lifelong gamer, having started with an Atari 2600 back in '85, when I was just a wee lad. These days, I'm heavily into RPGs and retro games, with a high focus on Playstation 2. I currently have ~550 physical console games in my collection, 213 of them being for PS2. My gaming bucket list is to complete every US released PS2 game, which will probably take me right up to that bucket. I'm currently on game 11, so, yeah, I'll be old. I stream it all, as well, over on Twitch. I just don't stream the RPG grinding that I have to do sometimes, 'cause I don't think many people care to watch someone run around in circles fighting the same mobs over and over again What am I where? @TXPSodabread on Twitter, TXPSodabread on Twitch, TXPSodabread on Steam, SodaXBread on PS4. Curse you, Sony! Sodabread on Extra Life and finally, Sodabread#6158 on Discord. I'm something on Blizzard, but you'll rarely catch me playing Blizz games right now. I'm a, let's say 'auxiliary' member of the Philly guild. Since having two young kids, it's tough for me to get away on weekends most of the time to make it to meetings and cons, but I try to do my best at spreading the word locally (Easton/Lehigh Valley area). I think that about covers it. Hopefully I'll keep up with the message boards around here and have some discussion with everyone!
  5. Wow, it's been a while since I've been on the forums. I should hang out here more often, eh? So, how am I going to spend my game day? Well, I'll probably wake up bright and early around 5am and go for a mile or so run to get energized for the day. I'll head home, eat some breakfast and get my battlestation setup with necessities like a big old gallon jug of water, a bunch of bananas and apples and, of course, my set of gold & silver medals to hang from my desk cabinet door. Then, it's time to get gaming around 8am. I'll boot up the old PS2 and start diving into whatever game I'm working my way through at the time. I'm trying to beat 'em all, so this is a great opportunity to crush a couple of 'em! I'll likely get up, stretch and have a short walk around the basement for about 5 minutes each hour to keep the blood flowing and the stiffness away. Surely, around the 2nd 2am, I'll probably have some issues keeping the heaviness out of my eyes, so I might just have to bust out Karaoke Revolution and sing my tiredness away (badly, I might add). I'll keep digging for those next 6 hours and finally emerge from my cave at 8am on Sunday, take a nice shower, hop in the car and head over to the in-laws to greet my wife & kids after the day of gaming is done. Looking forward to completing another game day and raising more dollars #FTK. Good luck, everyone!
  6. @Baztasic, I had the same issue when trying to set it up this morning. What fixed it for me (I think) was adding the CLR Browser control, then simply closing OBS and reopening it. It then showed up. Your mileage may vary, but give it a go! Good luck!