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  1. TeriLK

    SickKids VS!

    This new campaign is amazing
  2. TeriLK

    Prize details

    This looks awesome! Good luck with everything guys hoping to send some of the kids from our small team your way directly next year
  3. Should be able to finally make it! \o/
  4. Not sure if you're still looking, but I can also help with digital art things if we need them I just got a job about a month ago (hence late reply) but if there's ever a need for posters or graphics or anything I'm happy to help! Includes (not limited to) Adobe, After Effects, and Illustrator. I'm also from a video game development background and can do pretty much anything if we ever need those skills.. a game jam maybe?
  5. TeriLK

    Swag Ideas

    Do we have to worry about branding guidelines? If not I really like the turquoise idea with white print on or the light blue with dark blue print.
  6. Markham! But half the time I'm in North York.
  7. I do agree with some of your points for sure (especially regarding the minutes, those should be more for record keeping and keeping people posted). I just wanted to add with regards to GBC game jam because it's a new, developer-centric event, I think it's okay that we wait to see how that one plays out especially if it ends up being just another networking jam of the same group of devs in Toronto. I think reaching out to devleopers is absolutely worthwhile, but better to reach them at gameplay specific events rather than game jam events. That's just my opinion, however, I have done jams in the past and if the games are shown to the public immediately after, people are often pretty dead. However if there is an organized arcade at a later date and it's not networking-specific or a part of judging/competition, that's probably the ideal situation and that would be best to reach out to the organizers about.
  8. Whoops, that makes sense! I'll send an email shortly and loop her in. Thanks, Erin!
  9. @AJia Hey, just wondering were there any minutes/updates from the last meeting? So sorry I couldn't make it. I'm also wondering if I can contact someone about a possible venue for future meetings/meetups, I have an interested party I just need to direct them to someone Thanks!
  10. I hope it went well! Sorry I couldn't make it this time
  11. I was there Sunday too, was fun I think the event is a good start, needs a bit more organization in some of the streams but overall would love to see it keep happening. Though hopefully next year in Toronto Had a lot of fun great meeting some of you there. Also it was super difficult to resist those tees, they were so cute <3
  12. Unfortunately couldn't sign in for the meeting do to a competition deadline, but hope to be free for the next one! Also am very interested in submitting some logo ideas for the guild I'll have some time to do that around mid-May, I hope that's not too late! Hopefully will see some of you at EGLX on Sunday <3
  13. Yes unfortunately They scheduled it at the same time as Digifest, which has used this weekend in past years I believe. There's also George Brown College Year End show for the school of design and another networking event they're hosting (that's free) Eat Play Mingle, the latter 2 are mostly gamedev networking and they invited local devs to exhibit, as well. If I wasn't I would have been there Friday for sure!
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