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  1. Heyo! Still interested in helping with Social Media!
  2. Last year at ECCC, I talked to a middle school teacher who was trying to get one of his afterschool clubs involved. I think he said community service hours were required for graduation, and that Extra Life would be a fun way to fulfill that! Sounds like a great idea, with the discretion of the school. At my university, there's actually a whole group of students (from the gaming club) who stream for Extra Life.
  3. Unable to make it to the meeting, womp womp... Any chance there will be a meeting recap here on the forums?
  4. Tunaaa

    It's Almost Time!!

    Luckily I'm not going to be a part of that challenge!! But I'll have fun watching whoever loses... >:D And oh man, if I was using a cam.... or actually in shape, pushups are such a great idea! I'll stick to the swear jar for now, haha! I believe @KurtBlancaflor is donating a dollar for every death in-game as well.
  5. Tunaaa

    It's Almost Time!!

    Oh man, the game day hype is real! I'm streaming a variety of games along with a bunch of other pals, and some of them are doing a Gears of War challenge, where the loser either has to eat 10 Blazing Buffalo Wild wings or 2 ghost peppers. Not as fun, but I'm also a bit of a potty mouth so I try to keep the stream clean... by giving myself a penalty so that every curse word goes to the swear jar. We're starting our stream tomorrow (Friday) in the afternoon and playing into Game Day! I'll personally be streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/tunaaapunch
  6. @Joshua Griffin Also you can make invites that don't expire! Here's a permanent invite url I generated from the server if that's okay! https://discord.gg/EnhFCXr
  7. Awesome! Really excited to talk to everyone on there!
  8. I've never used Mumble but if it's anything like Discord and others would prefer that, sounds like something to look into! I just like Discord because it requires no downloads whatsoever, so basically anyone can use it!
  9. UPDATE: Guild Leadership has created a Guild member-specific Discord server linked here: https://discord.gg/EnhFCXr For a general Extra Life Seattle community Discord: https://discord.gg/uwdeUba (More active, more folks!)
  10. Those pictures turned out great! I'm just hoping if any of me turn up my eyes are Photoshopped open.
  11. until

    I can do 10am-2pm Friday. I'll pm with phone number and email!
  12. Update: Our game day didn't go as planned... but we still managed to raise over $800 dollars for Seattle Children's Hospital!
  13. Hi there, Seattle compadres! I'm Tuna! Just introducing myself as newbie to the forums/guild. My friends and I are planning our first Extra Life stream for Nov. 25 7pm PST to Nov. 26 7pm PST, and if anyone's looking for a nice, chill stream to relax in for the holiday we'd be happy if you joined us! Besides that, really interested in the going-ons of the guild and plan to be active in events. Nice to meet you all! EDIT: Realized I didn't even (shamelessly) link my page! http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=174523
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