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  1. Hey folks! I'm new to the area, my family and I recently moved from Dallas where I participated in Extra Life for several years. I'd like to get something going for this year if folks are interested. I don't have any large locales or any contacts yet to host anything but we can get organized and get ready for November. ?
  2. Why do you Extra Life? I was invited at PAX two years ago, and this year decided to take the plunge into helping out. My son was in the NICU shortly after birth due to some blood sugar imbalances and we stayed in the hospital for a few days longer than anyone intended. At that point the last thing we wanted to worry about were the funds necessary to pay for all of it. I am grateful to work for an employer that provides insurance that took care of most of the bills, but I know not everyone is as fortunate. How long have you been participating? This will be my first year participating in the 24 hours stream, I'm excited to have my brother-in-law with me and my family's support in this!What Hospital do you play for and why? I intend to stream for the local Cook Hospital in Dallas, simply because that's the closest one to us. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? Yes, the Dallas Guild.What do you do when you aren't helping kids? I work in IT, I have my beautiful wife and two boys who are quite a handful. I enjoy playing Destiny in the evenings and organizing events and get-togethers for friends. I am a photographer on the side and my formal schooling is in Mathematics. Anything else you'd like your fellow Extra Lifers to know about you! I appreciate any feedback or help to do a better job!
  3. My brother in law and I will be rerolling one character each to work back up to a proper light level through crucible experience and drops only. Join us! PSN: NorinitoBandito
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