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  1. We've considered it but haven't locked in a good way to do so. Our team does a white elephant where you get to pick or steal a gift every time you win a game. As captain I also give away some prizes to the top players overall. I just read about someone who has ref's at their event who take donation bribes to allow cheating - I'm interested in implementing something like this in upcoming years. One incentive I give is to dress up in costumes for large donors - I'm thinking of adding on a kicker if I get enough donations like "I'll play Twister while dressed up as a cob of corn".
  2. I noticed a few topics asking about games people are playing and other ideas for board game players. Last year my team of 5 raised $3000 and this year we have 12 members and are shooting for $5000. Because of the increased player number I've really had to be on top of organization. The games: our goal was variety - the full list is HERE. You'll notice some very simple and kids games we have just in case individuals burn out. Metagame: as host I like to have an overall competition (in addition to some smaller tournaments). I give away gifts certificates to my FLGS. Rules are HERE. Our two sided point tracker and game saver (in case someone is playing a filler and needs to come back to it) is HERE. Organization: We are playing for 25 hours split into three main areas: strategy, party, and free play. The Strategy section is fully scheduled and you can see some of the organization ideas HERE. All local players are bringing crock pot food that can be eaten with spoons/forks. Last year we wasted time organizing take out and realized how impossible it is to eat pizza/sandwiches and keep playing games at the same time. We are lucky in that some of our players run an inn and provide us with plenty of space to play and very discounted accommodations (mostly paid for via donations to Extra Life) for players who want to stay on site and sleep the next day. We stream via twitch and ask everyone to try to keep everything PG-13 until after 11pm. I'd love to hear other boardgamers' setups and will answer any questions if you have any!
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