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  1. ellystar

    PAX East


    I can take a Saturday morning shift.
  2. ellystar

    Anime Boston


    I need to find out when my craftsmanship judging for the masquerade is first (either Friday or Saturday) but I should be able to help out one of those days. Can't Sunday because of Easter.
  3. ellystar



    All set for Saturday 2-6.
  4. ellystar



    I may be able to do Saturday 2-6. I have to see if I can be taken off a panel first (no big deal there). I already have a badge because I'm a panelist, so I'm all set there.
  5. I've been quiet since helping out at PAX, but I should be able to help out more this year. I can help out at Arisia, Anime Boston, and PAX East for sure. I'm interested in checking out Boskone, but it's the weekend after Katsucon so that's a maybe right now. Once signups are available I'll let you know what slots I can take! -Elizabeth Lepisto
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