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  1. Hey folks, super dumb question. Anyone know the Extra Life Font Color Number. https://html-color-codes.info/ When using streampro.io the extra life theme had the color number saved into it but that program is no more. I'm trying to configure all my widgets and there are so many places to put in an html color code. I'm color deficient so it's challenging. Thanks in advance.
  2. Haha you said it. I was having IP problems synching the app to the console so I put this method on the shelf for the time being. Another option just came to my attention though which is the Xbox's Mixer App. https://www.xbox.com/en-us/mixer Going to test it tonight
  3. There's a tricky work around using the Xbox One app but I'm not sure if PS has a similar app. It would be very similar to the restream thing you mentioned though. @Birdperson
  4. No problem at all, I'd say it was the duration of time the commercials played (as herobyclicking mentioned) that did me in. It was a shame Twitch couldn't give me something more concrete. I'd love to incorporate the commercials somehow but I'm gun shy at this point. I actually sent a follow up email to twitch to see if they can give me more info. I'll relay their response if I get it in time. I'm pretty sure they will not really want to answer these questions but it's worth a shot. My email stated: Thanks for the response. Is there any other information you can give me around how these suspensions are given out. I'm not trying to be sneaky here. I am 100% sure that the commercials I mentioned are appropriate and relative to gaming/this event. I'm just thinking like if I played one between the time my team set up our next game during the marathon (which would typically last 3 minutes), would that raise a red flag? Is there a human aspect to the moderation of streams? Like, if I have a message scrolling stating we will be back in 5 minutes, would that be fine or is it an automated system that scans the stream for it's content and bans instantly. Thanks so much for your help, there are others with the same concerns so i'd like to relay as much info as I can.
  5. Ok got a little bit more information, twitch was really backed up so their customer support took a while to get to my inquiry. First for your questions: 1) What was your stream presentation like at the time? Stream presentation looked like the one below except there was a scrolling message across it stating we were away and would be back at a certain time. Our general stream presentation when we were playing looked more like the one you had with twitch chat, webcam windows both visible. 2) Did you have the videos playing full screen? Nope, it was a screen capture of vlc media player and fitted to the window above 3) What else was on your presentation at the time? Just the above + mentioned scrolling text stating we would be back at a certain time. Plus all of the extra life commercials in a playlist. 4) What was the title of your stream and your game set to at the time? This is an excellent question and I honestly cannot remember if I set the title for Extra Life or not. My activity section in my twitch options says I changed my twitch stream title to 24 Hour Gaming Marathon. 5) How long were you showing the videos? We were outside playing yard games which started at 8 am (also streaming but on a different twitch) and we were scheduled back inside at 9:15am. I came in earlier than that to check something and noticed my account was suspended. I'm going to watch the old stream of us playing yard games to see if I can hammer down the exact time later but my guess was it was lengthy. Probably an hour. But it's possible it was longer or maybe even banned well before that. Twitch has gotten back to me with the following info: Hello, As it turns out, we cannot provide preemptive evaluation of whether the content described is appropriate to broadcast on our services. That being said, there are some guidelines we can provide as reference. All content must abide by our Terms of Service andCommunity Guidelines, and it is the responsibility of the broadcaster to fully adhere to them. Broadcasting content that violates these rules and guidelines may result in action against your channel. Our general rule of thumb is, if you’re unsure if something is appropriate, err on the side of caution. Thank you for reaching out. OCT 17, 2017 | 04:38AM PDT Original messagejerryrigged_funhouse wrote: Hello there I'm participating in the Extra Life fundraiser Nov 4th and will be streaming live for 24 hours. I've done this 2 years ago and Extra Life makes available a broadcast kit that has little extra life commercials that are like success stories involving children in children hospitals. Anyway, 2 years ago I used these commercials while we were on a lunch break and my account got suspended for 24 hours for streaming non gaming/music related material. What I am wondering is if there is a way to safely incorporate these commercials during breaks. I obviously don't want an account suspension while raising money for children. Cheers!
  6. No problemo. I should note that our marathon was a week earlier than the extra life official date that year, not sure if that mattered. I notified cmnhospitals support and they were thankful but mentioned I should find out what twitch had to say about it.
  7. Hey bread, just a heads up, I did this exact thing you are describing and my twitch stream got banned for 24 hours for streaming "non gaming content".
  8. Yeah I probably won't bother with it much next time regardless. Thanks for the tip.
  9. I'll share my experience with Extra Life commercials that occurred this weekend. Myself and another team member were doing our 24 hour gaming marathon this past weekend (Oct 24th). We both have twitch accounts and were going to provide two streams for viewers to switch between. Anyway, woke up and our first games on the schedule were some yard games for about an hour and a half before the video games started. So while we were streaming the outside games going on, I placed a playlist of extra life commercials/stories that totaled to about an hour of view time (commercial 1, commercial 2, EL story 1, commercial 3, commercial 4, repeat with next story) on my stream with my extra life overlay and a scrolling message stating we would be back in for video games in an hour and a half. When we came back in, I noticed my stream was off and I couldn't log in with this nice message in my inbox: Your account at www.twitch.tv/jerryrigged_funhouse was the subject of a Terms of Service suspension for violating the following category: Non-Gaming, Non-Music Content. As a result, we have given you a 24-hour restriction from using the site. We were still fortunate enough to have another stream that went very well but it was a shame because I lugged a lot of hardware (40" tv, xbox one/kinect, laptop, over a 3.5 hour drive) that wouldn't be used. Not to mention the planning of the schedule for the streams that went into it. Anyway hopefully my mistake and the OP's info will prevent someone else from losing their stream. And yes I appealed it but there was no chance of hearing back within 24 hours on a weekend.
  10. Great work Hack. The difficulty donating to a team has been a big issue with the layout at extra life in my opinion. I haven't sent out my team page to anyone this year and instead sent my personal page for donations to keep it simple
  11. Sorry for the delay AGL. They gave me a workaround yes, it wasn't the most convenient but I got what I wanted. The response: Hi there, You can try adding the widgets manually by creating a new theme and then applying the extra life theme after you add the goal widget. Does that make sense? Let me know if that doesn't work. Everything sat in the place I wanted at 720, however it took a lot more work as I had to change the font colors of the goal widgets to match the ones of the extra life theme. Not a huge deal but it was pretty sweet just clicking theme and having it all done for you under 1080 originally. I didn't add the theme in afterwards like he said, just simply uploaded the background overlay pic I downloaded from the extra life media bundle
  12. Nice! Yeah VLC has the option to loop one or loop all so either method, playlist or long file work fine. Regarding the screen grabbing, on xsplit at least if I custom grab just the video picture (not the entire media player) which enables me to keep the actual media player very small. Using two displays is another good solution when screen grabbing and running out of real estate. For example, in the pic, off screen I have the media player sized very small but can alter the screen grab on xsplit as I see fit. I think that's what Eric was getting at but I'm unfamiliar with OSB
  13. Hey All My Extra Life Team is doing our 24 hour gaming marathon a bit early this time around. This Saturday (October 24th) to be exact. So if anyone wants to tune into the stream to start getting hyped up for their own event, feel free. Our stream link is http://www.twitch.tv/theelectricwesleys You can check our games, schedule, and events planned on our personal pages as wellhttp://www.extra-life.org/participant/donnievhttp://www.extra-life.org/participant/ryho Game on!
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