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  1. First of all Welcome! We're glad you've made your way here and want to support the IWK through Extra Life. Second of all, we mostly don't use these forums (as you can see by the rampant activity). I'd like to direct you to where you can reach us if you want to. Facebook: Discord: Twitter and Instagram @extralifehfx Sorry for any confusion in you ending up here, but I promise we're out there, raising money for the sick tiny hoomans in the Maritimes, forums are just...not our thing. Hope to see you soon! Ange/Viv
  2. until
    We'll be setting our usual booth at Hal-Con again this year. Featuring warhammer, d&d, hal-con arcade, and a tabletop game how it's played. Stop by if you're attending! Or check us out at starting at 5pm AST Saturday.
  3. Hello All! I met a few of you at Hal-Con yesterday so I figured I'd officially introduce myself, my name is Angela. This will be my first extra life and I'm really excited to be participating this year. I'm a full time student, part time employee and life long nerd. I'm looking forward to meeting most of you this week at the meeting. I have a steam account full of unplayed games: Vivimus prime PSN/Instagram/Twitter: Vivimusprime I think you can search me on facebook with that name too. See you all soon. -Angela
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