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  1. until
    We'll be setting our usual booth at Hal-Con again this year. Featuring warhammer, d&d, hal-con arcade, and a tabletop game how it's played. Stop by if you're attending! Or check us out at twitch.tv/extralifehfx starting at 5pm AST Saturday.
  2. Hello All! I met a few of you at Hal-Con yesterday so I figured I'd officially introduce myself, my name is Angela. This will be my first extra life and I'm really excited to be participating this year. I'm a full time student, part time employee and life long nerd. I'm looking forward to meeting most of you this week at the meeting. I have a steam account full of unplayed games: Vivimus prime PSN/Instagram/Twitter: Vivimusprime I think you can search me on facebook with that name too. See you all soon. -Angela
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