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  1. Hey there! Yes, you found the right place. Sorry about the lack of forums activity; we've moved to a more discord focused format as has much of the EL community. We are so glad you reached out! Come on over to and introduce yourself, we are happy to have you join us! Joshua Easton Extra Life Wisconsin Guild Leadership
  2. Hey all! For those that don't know me, my name is Joshua and I've been part of Extra Life for about 8 years now; and one of my first major adventures with Extra Life was participating in the Trion Worlds in-game event in Rift, back in the "good ol days". Rift has recently returned to a subscription-only progression server called Rift Prime, and to celebrate that as well as my 8th year of being an Extra Life gamer, I've created an in-game guild for anyone interested in giving it a shot. My IGN is Crysola, and I'm in the Guardian faction. The guild is open to players of *both* factions, and primarily designed as a way for us to connect and enjoy the game. For more info on Rift Prime, click here and hope to see you in game!
  3. Welcome aboard! ELU is definitely a life changing experience. You're going to meet so many amazing people, learn so much amazing stuff, and leave as a more amazing Extra Life gamer.
  4. October 11th 1:15am CST: MILWAUKEE WI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin $113,179.00 734
  5. So, despite all the personal stuff that caused me to be away for most of the summer/fall, I want to say how amazed and proud I am of all of you. We did some amazing things this game day, and here's the proof: City State Hospital Fundraising Participants October 30th 3pm CST: MILWAUKEE WI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin $47,268.00 529 November 6th 3pm CST: MILWAUKEE WI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin $106,413.00 724 But we aren't done yet. We have until December 31st to get donations in. Cash donations, check donations, or real-time through the site. Take your rest from game day, but let's all commit to one more push #ForTheKids this holiday season. I'm open to planning a meetup, or simply gaming online; but let's give it one final shot to see how far we can go. -Joshua
  6. City State Hospital Fundraising Participants October 30th 3pm CST: MILWAUKEE WI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin $47,268.00 529 November 6th 3pm CST: MILWAUKEE WI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin $106,413.00 724
  7. Due to personal issues I've been inactive for a bit, but figured I would share this great news: As of tonight at 8pm, Milwaukee has officially surpassed $10,000 raised #ForTheKids!
  8. Ryan, Why don't we do a virtual meeting? Would a later time work? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  9. No change over the past few days which is why I didn't post, but did see an increase today:
  10. I'm not familiar enough with Milwaukee to suggest anything but I can definitely make this one! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  11. Hey @Ultshld340! Welcome aboard! The great thing about Extra Life is that you don't have to stream or "show your work"; you just need to agree to put your passion for gaming to use #ForTheKids The first step is to set up your fundraising page at Once you've done that, you can customize your page and even your fundraising URL in your Dashboard. For example, I have mine set to You then share that page link on social media, emails to friends/family, etc, to get donations. Everything is automatic and goes to the hospital so you don't have to handle the funds. It's as easy as that!
  12. In this topic I'll be posting a daily recap of where we are in terms of participants versus dollars. This will transition to a weekly format once we have a better understanding of the trends/day-to-day. I'll be posting all 3 CMN hospital reports, as we essentially cover the entire state being the only guild. April Reports: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 (As of 10pm CST)
  13. Name: Joshua Easton Alias: Novus'Olm Years participating: This will be Year 7 I started participating in Extra Life 7 years ago when I was playing Rift, an mmorpg by Trion Worlds. They were holding an in-game Extra Life event and to be entirely honest I signed up because of the free loot. I raised about 75 dollars my first year and thought I was a god. Little did I know that this would turn into a passion for me, and I'd be breaking 1,000 a few years later. In my time with Extra Life, I've been completely changed by the stories of the families that we help and by interacting with fellow Extra Lifers. I've gained precious friendships, connections, and experience on this crazy journey and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Ive served as a Support Rep, Street Team Leader, Guild President of Orlando, FL, and most recently this year as one of Tori's Angels. This program had changed my life in so many ways and the kids and their families are a constant source of inspiration to me. My name is Joshua, and I Extra Life #ForTheKids . What's your why?
  14. Why do you #ExtraLife? At Extra Life United and Momentum this year, one of the questions posed to the audience at the medal ceremony was "What's your why?" We all have our reasons for starting on this journey of saving lives through the power of play, but where and when did it start for you? More importantly, why? In a paragraph or two, explain why you participate in Extra Life! Feel free to attach images, video clips, etc.
  15. Novus'Olm

    2016 Totals

    @MajorLinux I found it now, Gmail had spammed it. Thanks!
  16. Hey @MedievalMelody! Sometimes, DonorDrive glitches. I've had it happen to me for a few years now regarding the donation alerts; and it's an easy fix. Hover over your name on the main site, and go to Settings. Scroll past the social media stuff, and you'll see the options for Text and Email alerts. Make sure both (or one if you like) are checked. Hope this helps!
  17. Novus'Olm

    2016 Totals

    Hi, @Kome! While I'm having trouble finding the exact dollar amount at the moment, it was confirmed at ELU that we raised over $9.6 million #ForTheKids in 2016! This puts us at over $30 million raised since inception.
  18. I can attest that @Hannie731 is certifiably awesome. 10/10 would recommend again.
  19. I think that the 4/18 or 4/23 dates would work best. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days off, so I could definitely make the trip in person one of those two days. Otherwise, I'd be virtual. I don't get done with work until 6:30 on Sundays, so that is a factor.
  20. In order to better organize our efforts as a Guild, below is a roster of active members. To maintain active membership within the guild, you simply need to contribute to at least one guild activity within a 60 day window. Examples of "guild activity" are: Visiting the forums and partaking in discussion Attending a guild meeting (includes virtual attendance) Attending a recruitment event Posting a recruitment report from your own event (Friday Night Magic, Etc) By no means is this meant to single people out or isolate them, but rather to keep track of where we are as a Guild. We understand that everyone has a different level of time available to commit to the Guild's efforts, but we do need to hold members accountable as outlined in the Guild Handbook and Expectations. (Please note this list is incomplete while I gather names and handles since I don't know everyone yet!) MKE/MAD Extra Life Guild Roster Updated 04/03/2017 10:00pm CDT Guild Leadership: Ryan Nelson @nelsrm21 - Guild President Joshua Easton @Novus'Olm - Regional Support (Fox Valley) Ana Olsen @AOlsen - Special Events Coordinator, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin MKE Guild Members: Jeremy Lecus @BrewCityGamer Jason o'Brien @obrien Greg Reynolds @Sgoast (Tori's Angels Guild Mod - Midwest) Your name here
  21. Ryan, if possible I would recommend moving the meeting to Tuesday due to the Easter holiday as Jeremy stated.
  22. Hey folks! I'll have a small for-fun tournament running on Thursday night during Open Play for anyone interested in trying out the Nintendo Switch with the game 1-2-Switch. Each Team Battle can support up to 20 players, and I'll have 2 confirmed consoles running. If you'd like to add your console to the mix, feel free! RSVP at the link here: I'll keep it running as long as there's interest, near the Extra Life Info Table and Free Tabletop Play area. Cheers! -Joshua / Novus
  23. Hey folks. Does anyone happen to have the totals for last year in terms of number of participants nationwide and the final amount? I remember it being somewhere, but am really having a hard time locating it. The files in the community section are still from 2014, and I've gone into 4 sections here on the forums with no luck. I know Mike and Liz are crazy busy, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to point me to something I may have forgotten/overlooked. Looking to put together a small letter for local comic/game shops in my town back home here in Wisconsin and just wanted to reflect the most recent info. Thanks in advance!
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