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  1. Hey Professor, thanks for posting this! I know the guild's been quiet on the forums for a while, but rest assured we'll be headed to the events you've listed! We'll be announcing this years volunteer opportunities at our upcoming guild meeting on Sunday the 26th at Emerald Tavern. Hope to see you there!

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  2. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the delayed announcement. We have multiple locations participating in Game Day this year:

    • Microsoft Store at the Domain
    • Game Over Video Games north location (along with RT Sidequest)
    • Game Republik 
      • Nov 5th - 6th will remain open until 2am, at which time they will run a $20 all nighter until 10am, all proceeds going to Extra Life
    • Mage's Sanctum
      • Nov 5th 12pm - 6th 12pm

  3. This year our funds will be going to renovating a wing of the hospital for mental health. The whole wing will have to be redone in order to be up to code for patients with mental health needs.

     Part of the funds will also go towards an Electrophysiology Integrated Lab for the Dell Children's Regional Heart Center. 

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  4. Hey Austin Guild Members,

    We're only a little more than half way through 2016, and it's already been quite a year! So far we've recruited over 380 Extra Life participants, 257 of which will be playing for Dell Children's on game day! And we're definitely not done yet :D If you can help out with any of our upcoming events (listed below), head on over to our Master Volunteer Schedule and stick your name next to a time slot to volunteer for an event shift. And be sure to keep an eye out on the calendar and forums. We'll be posting even more about our monthly guild meetings, awesome events, volunteer opportunities, and Extra Life official game day as the year marches on!

    Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work!!!




    Upcoming Scheduled Events in 2016


    Prospective Upcoming Events in 2016

    Past Events Breakdown for 2016



    Volunteer Guidelines

    To make sure you're 100% effective during a recruitment event, there are a few things we want you to know about before volunteering for a booth:

    1. Be familiar with Extra Life's mission, history, and modus operandi.
    2. Please wear an Extra Life branded shirt.
      • The Guild can provide you with one of our Guild Logo T-shirts, or you can wear a Platinum level shirt from previous years. Make sure to let a Guild officer know if you need a shirt.

  5. Just FYI for those considering volunteering - the con is at the Austin Convention Center on Friday, October 30th from 12pm - 8pm and Saturday, October 31 from 10am - 7pm.


    I should be able to help out at the con, but I have a few questions:

    • I'm not actually planning on attending the con, so would I be admitted for free to volunteer or do I have to buy a badge in order to work the booth?
    • About the booth:
      • Do you need help with booth setup/teardown? If so, when are the setup/teardown times?
      • What is the booth #?
    • How are we organizing the volunteers schedules?
      • Do you need people to volunteer to stay all day, or sign up for certain time slots?
      • Are we using Google calendars or some scheduling software to keep track of who is supposed to cover what time slots?
    • Do you have a schedule of Convention Training sessions available?
    • Do you need people to bring/buy items for the booth?
      • laptop to use for sign ups?
      • table cloth/banner/flyers/promo materials/other booth supplies?


    Whew. Sorry for the 3rd degree here, but I just want to make sure everything's set and help out as best I can. :D

  6. My name is Valerie, and I started participating in Extra-Life back in 2012. I was president of my university's gaming club at the time and got the club to participate, and they continue to do so to this day. I moved to Austin last year, and I'm excited to help the guild recruit new members :)

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