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  1. On the note of the Extra Life app, if anybody has a Kindle Fire (which are now only $50, compared to the $200 I spent when I bought mine), they are extremely useful for this sort of thing. I used mine at GrandCon for users who preferred to sign up online, and it was very effective.
  2. Just wanted to throw mine out there one last time before game day! Hope to see you all in-chat!
  3. While a lot of people dump on Destiny for being the mess that it is, you have to respect it for the way it handles Raids. The first time you run them, you are going in blind. Yes, it's a lot of trial and error again, and again, and again, but the feeling of accomplishment when you figure something out with your team, and it just WORKS is really a great feeling.
  4. OH MY GAWD. THAT'S TODAY. Seriously, though. So pumped for this. Spent the better part of episode 4 choosing "Step 3" and then devolving into a muddled mess of tears on the floor.
  5. Now playing Fibbage with viewers! I'll be doing giveaways at 25 viewers/ grtist 100 followers!
  6. Hey guys, I'll be holding TWO 24-hour streams this weekend! The first will be starting this Friday at 2PM (EST) and it will be in support of Extra Life! My second will start on Sunday at 2PM (EST). The second marathon is for another charity, but you are more than welcome to come join me!
  7. They're both solid game mechanically. However, in my opinion, the characters and story could use some work. Both games (especially the Witcher 2) are filled to the brim with political jargon and intrigue. Personally, this is the reason I find myself unable to get into Game of Thrones. If you can grind through all the political BS, then you might enjoy it, but by the end of the Witcher 2, I was actually glad to see it end.
  8. You'll have my host, bud. I'll be busy with Guild meeting stuff!
  9. Oh, dude, I totally missed out on this! I forgot to send you the Tetris overlay I made!
  10. I'm tempted to drive down to Georgia just to participate. That Elsa you got is cuuuuuuuuutttteeee
  11. GRtist

    Fallout 4 possibly?

    The way I see it: There are no records of the name Fallout 4 being registered in the U.S. copyright database, however, there IS a recent entry for Doom.
  12. GRtist

    Fallout 4 possibly?

    As much as I personally would very much love a new Elder Scrolls game, with ESO recently released, and Bethesda making their first ever appearance at E3 this year, I think we're pretty much all hoping for a new Fallout. That being said, my money says it will have something to do with the upcoming announcement of the new Doom game.
  13. This is a valid point. Elgato uses the outdated h.264 encoding format, so it takes about 1.5 seconds to compress and then decompress. My delay stays pretty consistent around 1500 milliseconds, but every now and then it slips back to 2000 to 3000. Just something to keep in mind.
  14. GRtist


    I play a half-orc great warrior.
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