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  1. If you are free tomorrow night, May 31st come hang out with us at a Mario Kart 8 Tournament at Emporium Arcade Bar. We'll have a table setup for the Chicago Guild so stop by and say hi. Details available through the link for the Facebook event page.
  2. So we are having a get together this Sunday! We will be meeting at Lurie Children's Hospital from 11am - 1pm. Then afterwards we will be heading over to Headquarters. There is information on that as well as part of the drinks ordered for the get together will go back to the hospital. So come hang out. Bring some friends. If you are interested in joining at the hospital please e-mail me at and here is a link for the Headquarters Social Meetup hope to see you there.
  3. We will post upcoming events for May 2017 we will be attending. On May 6th, we will be at Oak Lawn Library for Fan Fest. The even is from 9am-5pm. We'll post the link to the Facebook event and the library's website.The link on the library's website also has a PDF link for details on the event and schedule. Fan Fest Facebook Event Oak Lawn Public Library
  4. I stole an idea from Gnomedic and did a stream where donations for a certain amount I'd karaoke a song on stream. It was a lot of fun and I raised maybe $50 over the stream. So I might do more of those.
  5. Thank you! I caught it and definitely made me feel really happy. It was a nice video and Kevin has been a great guy to have on the team with us.
  6. Hey everybody! I wanted to start a thread where we could share our streaming links and maybe plans for game day with streams. I plan to do mine starting November 4th 12pm to 1pm on the 5th. I'll try and throw hosts up through out the weekend as well. aerodash84 on Twitch
  7. I rarely have facial hair and it's not too long right now. But if I reach $2000 I'm shaving mine like a character I'm pretty sure i'll be Abraham from Walking Dead... or Starburns from Community. I'll keep it until the end of the weekend, but I'll have it out in public, photos, and more for that weekend. Plus, I'll record the video and post it online.
  8. I've been playing Alien Isolation and Resident Evil 4 on my personal twitch page ( just to plug myself) but I've been playing Costume Quest and Ghostbusters on the Extra Life Stream. So some suggestions maybe of games to play. I'd love to play Resident Evil 5 co-op with someone as I loved that on 360 years ago.
  9. I love the StreamPro for my streaming. I want to find other images to use for alerts as well as sounds. But for a free overlay that runs simply is great for a beginner. I'm working on trying to expand my setup.
  10. I've been meaning to look into what the Panera charity events are like and how they work. Hopefully I'll get more info and post back if anything comes of it.
  11. I always reach out to my relatives and friends. They're my biggest supporters. I post in Facebook a lot and twitter. We are doing what we call #FiveDollarFriday where we just ask for simple donations of at least $5 and I tell people they can drink cheap beer or water at the bars, make coffee and pass on Starbucks or other ways they could afford the donation. Crazy enough friends I hadn't seen in years we were all in the same wedding party for our common friend. This year 2 of the other groomsmen both donated $100 each and I barely had seen them in years. My relatives are some other big donators and I always send out mass e-mails around game day. I'm hoping to reach out to local businesses and see if I can maybe setup a table with a donation jar or if they can donate directly to my page. I'm going to work on getting out of my comfort zone which has helped me in my confidence over the years and made me better at customer service. I won't lie I hope this also helps me network to maybe some great opportunities. Good luck everywhere and yes don't be afraid to ask. It's like asking someone on a date it may seem scary but the worst is they'll say no and you can move on.
  12. This thread will be our main post for Chicago events. Which ones we will be at. Ones that should be brought to our attention. As well as contact info regarding to volunteer, sign up, or get more info as well. July 8th - 10th Anime Midwest - we will have a booth. We are currently looking for more volunteers to fill our schedule. With this, you will get a badge to attend the con on the day you volunteer. We ask you spread the word of Extra Life, help out so all volunteers can enjoy the convention and get breaks to walk around. You can e-mail me if you'd like to learn more.
  13. I think I may look into this but maybe tailor it to my own skills. I can make some pretty awesome brownies when tasked to it. I will sometimes add a little bit of Kahlua before I bake and maybe drizzle while they cool. Maybe I can look into doing a bake sale type deal at work for donations. $1 minimum donation and anything else is golden. Thanks for the idea and I think I may work with it this year as a monthly thing.
  14. Hey guys! I thought I'd start a thread with info for upcoming events of interest in the nerd ways. So I found Felicia Day is doing a book signing and here's the info for her appearance in Naperville on April 23rd at 2pm through Anderson's Bookshop. I'll be there myself and post more upcoming events that might be of interest especially for the Guild. Here's a link to Felicia Day:
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