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  1. Hi Everyone! My Name is Scott, but most people know me by my PSN/Twitch handle: Lenard18. I am from Macomb, MI which is a suburb of Detroit. I started participating in Extra Life after I watched theChive's 24-hour stream. I was a big fan of the ideas and goals behind this event and all of the awesome things it accomplishes.This will be my first year participating as a streamer/fundraiser. I only recently got involved with streaming earlier this year, around the time of 8-Bit Salute. I am currently working hard on recruiting others to joinI'm playing for the Beaumont Children's Hospitals of Michigan because not only for the fact that they are local to me but because of the great stuff they do for kids in my area.When I am not playing for Extra Life I am involved with raising money for Operation Supply Drop and Chive CharitiesI am an admin for the Chive Gaming ChapterIf anyone would like to know more you can always reach out. I get bored at work a lot and usually can answer relatively quickly. KCCO Scott "Lenard18" Lenard
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