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  1. I received this message from an anonymous donor. “My dad gave me $50 for my birthday and I was planning on wasting it on myself at some point. I'd rather invest it!” What are some messages you've received from donors that stand out and could impact our community?
  2. What type of shirt are you using, and what are you using to write on it with? I though I saw a photo on Facebook of your shirt and it had color to it.
  3. I love the mystery of finding something on my own. My greatest find thus far is level -1 in Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I recall phoning Nintendo's Power Line in the 80's when I discovered that gem and they said it didn't exist. When I look at the current trend of gaming, I have to agree with Possum; we are in a world of instant gratification and short attention span. You then have my friend who's logged hundreds of hours on Skyrim and has yet to start the main quest line (this has left me puzzled for years). All he's ever done is exploring the world with no dragon shouts gathering materials and crafting. There are always exceptions to the norm and he is by far one of them. This friend also hails from a generation of gamers older than me by a decade. I believe there are gamers who look forward to No Man's Sky and Fall Out 4; they're able to embrace the lore and are most satisfied getting lost in these massive games.
  4. Have you connected with the ExtraLifeRDU guild? Send them a message if you've not. There are a few table top gamers in that guild. AndrewRDU and MajorLinux would both be a great connection point from the forums.
  5. I have it on PC/Mac and PS4. It's been awhile since I've played, but I love the game.
  6. I've been messing with it a good bit. Added a png file of our local hospital's logo as well that I edited in photoshop. This makes life SO much easier. Only improvement for them in general would be the ability to adjust the size of an inserted image once it's added. Otherwise, this rocks and looks great.
  7. I followed the link to the page and it kept auto reloading when I clicked on "Connect Your Twitch Account." Anyone else have this happen with their browser? Apparently it is only doing that with Safari, FireFox and Chrome worked fine. *Edit: This is awesome! I can't wait to start using it.
  8. I've created a team called Sacred Heart and have started editing the page if anyone would like to join me and others in directly supporting our local hospital. To find out more about The Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart, click here.
  9. I'm getting a 404 error on the link Rick.
  10. How is it going everyone! Why do you Extra Life? Because of my daughter who was born with a rare brain tumor. She's my hero.How long have you been participating? This will be my 3rd year participating in Extra Life and the 2nd year that Lauren will be joining me.What Hospital do you play for and why? Originally we played for Duke Children's Hospital. We moved to Florida in the last year and Lauren asked if we could support Sacred Heart in Pensecola since that's where she's currently receiving most of her care. We still go to Duke once a year for scans. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? There is no guild in my area currently, but I am still a member of Extra Life Raleigh-Durham.What do you do when you aren't helping kids? I sit at our local coffee shop and give the staff a hard time. I'm also a musician and sound engineer.Anything else you'd like your fellow Extra Lifers to know about you! Besides Lauren being awesome and doing well? Let's see, we have gotten the platinum together on two Lego games and are now working on Lego Jurassic World and Lego Hobbit. She's also a fan of Minecraft on the XB1 and other games.
  11. Just checking to see who on here is gaming for Sacred Heart in Pensacola, Florida. Feel free to send me a message, I'd love to start or join a team.
  12. This reminds me a lot of Descent from the early 90's. That was a fun play. I'm looking forward to this.
  13. Why not take the most iconic halfs of the skylines and separate them with an angled / down the middle showing the two cities? Then you get rid of the secondary ghosting Rick is talking about and you're still including both parts of RDU? So it would look like Raleigh/Durham with the / being at an angle not 90 degrees.
  14. I have access to an image of Durham similar to that of Seattle we could use. However, that really doesn't represent RDU well, neither does an acorn, a bull, or much else. We are three major cities and the official guild logo should reflect that; even if we've not touched much of Chapel Hill yet. The question is how do we represent that graphically or don't we? Should it be more Duke Children's focused?
  15. I'm a bit late to the thread (about $6 millions worth late) but if you're looking to start streaming or needing to prep for next year and want to invest in a good mic and or interface It's a good time to start saving some cash now or asking for it for Christmas. I've seen a lot of streamers on Twitch and videocasts/podcasts (Podcast Beyond @IGN as an example) using a Shure (pronounced sure) SM7B. If you have the money to invest it's a great mic, although you will need to connect it via an interface to your computer since as Sapience has mentioned it uses the industry standard XLR connector. I personally use a AKG Perception 420 from my studio, due to it being an all around great mic and I already have it. It requires 48v phantom power, but that's for another thread. On the cheaper end you have the USB Mics Snowball, Samson, Yeti (from Blue), or the Audio-Technica AT 2020. As for an interface, unless you have a sound card that's off the chain, you're going to want to make this a priority. There's a lot of talk in the music industry about "computer noise" and grounding hums 60Hz/120Hz being generated by USB ports and some 1/8" audio inputs on computers. An interface and an XLR mic, which is FYI a grounded connection, will greatly reduce the potential for grounding hum/loop. I've used a lot of gear over the years, both on the road and in the studio. For a great entry level interface you could go with the Scarlett Solo or the Scarlett 2i2 from Focusrite. Both are excellent USB interfaces for the money. The gain controls on these are located on the front of the interface and have a LED ring around them. You can easily and visually make any adjustments with a turn of the knob to reduce clipping (red) and keep your signal clean (green) prior to it entering your computer, capture card, etc. As to a mic stand that's personal preference and has a lot more to do with your mic placement then anything else. I would however recommend going with a tripod base over a round base (unless you're using this on a desktop) as some of these mics tend to be heavier and you need to distribute the weight over one of the legs so as to not allow your mic to hit the floor by accident. Ever seen a sound engineer cringe as his $5000 baby hits the ground? No? I have. Trust me, you don't want to be around when it happens. Want an all in one package for around $200? Here's the Focusrite iTrack Studio. It works with PC/Mac or your iWhatever. It, as well as the 2i2 mentioned earlier, includes Ableton Live Lite. If you want to reduce outside noise on your stream like your roomates, the dog, the kids, your spouse, or other unwanted noise, you can apply a gate in this software prior to sending the audio source to xSplit or your streaming software of preference. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always glad to help... If I see it.
  16. We had guild members at two locations that I know of in our area for the Destiny release. I'm not sure what the total numbers were that actually signed up, but I know we spoke with about 60 people at our location. Well, Marcus, one of our guild members did, I've been under the weather and was trying not to get people sick and I've had no voice.
  17. They just opened a MS store here in our area. Our guild has already reached out to them about partnering for a recruiting event soon I believe.
  18. Have you made sure to check with the Store Manager, or in this case the Assistant Store Manager, since all the SM's are at conference this week? It's always a courtesy and better to make sure they're okay with you being there recruiting. They may actually give you some floor time to address the crowd about Extra Life as a whole while they're standing in line prior to talking with individuals.
  19. With Destiny and many other video game titles dropping just around the corner, what tips do you have for recruiting fellow gamers at midnight events?
  20. I'm currently sitting at 12% of a plan. I mean 4% of my goal. I'm hoping to kick it into gear about a month out. I hit the $500 mark last year and I'm going for the $1000 mark this year.
  21. I believe our goal as a guild is to get as many of us together for the event that we can. I hope there's a lot of couch co-op and platform hopping going on, not to forget some card/board games too!
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