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  1. i'd be open for this. My schedule is sucky right now but give me a date/time and i'll work out what i can.
  2. do we have a plan for Vermont Comic-con? That should be coming up next month right?
  3. i uh.... reallllllly... might have to get that french toast stout recipe.... like... reallyy...... /drool
  4. i've got a good maple porter recipe... i think we tried addressing events in a different thread but seems pretty dead atm. i know we talked about it but having some guild meetings on the regular might help with the communications... or even if we leverage different technologies for faster(better?) communications.. (facebook group anyone? googlehangouts? steam group? etc) anyone know the dates for VT comic-con yet? i'm pretty sure that's a gold-mine for us.... also possibilites for the champlain valley fair? would be good to get ahead on the larger events..
  5. yea, my time is pretty limited as far as my usual schedule, but if we get something planned for during the week i'll be able to shuffle things around in order to make it. my usually work hours are 8-5 which turns to 7-6 with my commute, and assumes i don't end up staying late. Weekends in the summer are pretty full up :-/ and i'm on call 24/7... so... you all come up with something and i'll be there XD
  6. if we can we should make a group on Steam... most of my games are listed there. all blizzard games (so far) DDO World of Tanks/Warships SWTOR LoL Dragon Age/s Battlefront Battlefield3/4 assassin's creed Rainbowsix : Siege The Division Farcry/s The rest can be found on my steam profile : forgot to mention that i play D&D, pathfinder, 13'th age, etc. also MTG, munchkin, cards against humanity, etc... the list goes forever.
  7. Hey All, my battletag is Kravious#1551. my email is . I'm also on steam as Kravious. i live in colchester currently, and i'm pretty much available w/e. Find me on FB Here, be be warned... i'm a super nerd....
  8. Itching so bad for more info XD need to get my time off in early!
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