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  1. Hey guys! Here's the meeting minutes from the January meeting today! Also shout out to everyone for crushing it at laser tag, we showed those 4 year olds what's up. Hopkins numbers for 2019 $113,386 raised 617 gamers Children's $171,208 579 gamers This year: Hopkins $871 raised 46 signups Children 1436 32 MAGFEST 108 signups 257.37 Raised 42.5% Hopkins 32% children's 26% misc Guild elections coming up. If you are interested in a leadership or committees sign up on timecounts. ALL members of committees will be kicked to make sure members are actually interested. We would like to have a head start on leadership interest before the kickoff On timecounts: opportunities-> assignments If you are missing time for anything on Timecounts message me or Sarah. Katsucon still hasn't gotten back to us, so our table is not 100% will update channel Kickoff meeting: Top 30 event for top fundraisers to get our best fundraisers aware of the guild. Get them lunch or something like that, maybe reach out to tiny since it was his suggestion. We need to update handouts with new links Drew will spruce up landing page before kickoff Need to check if hosting expired on landing page Talk to Cindy about catering Get QR codes for each team members so card donations can be done from the donators phone instead of ours Talk to Cindy about card swipe donations box
  2. Here's the notes from the meeting this past Saturday! Attendance: - Sarah - Drew - Ashley - Aaron - Brandon - Damon - Gary - Mike - Dustin - going to talk to Cindy about getting resources from Hank / Children's National to help support table efforts in the DC area - CN is getting good results and it would be great if we could get more help running tables in the DC Metro area. - event channels for next year have been added to Discord - holiday party on 12/14 - laser tag social on 1/18 - paypal pool set up - 2 games - $15 - MAGFest - 1/2 - 1/6 - getting us a marketplace table - MAGFest is selling some dice and hot pants and donating some proceeds (maybe?) - we have free reign over table - silent auction, paid raffle, and donations all okayed - Katsucon - 2/14-16 - Farpoint - 2/21-23 - Johncon - 4/10-12 JHU event - same day as Saturday meeting - very small event, small staff coverage (maybe just set out some fliers) - Awesomecon - 5/1-3 - applications are now open - will probably not hear back until closer - Blerdcon - 7/17-19 - not contacted yet - Otakon - 7/31-8/2 - Cecil Con, Gamescape, and Prattcon don't have dates yet - BGSO will be doing an event next November and will donate all proceeds to Extra Life - expected $3-5k donation - need to run new signage through the marketing committee in time for MAGFest - going to try and arrange more events between the guild and the BGSO and WMGSO organizations - would like to get an insert or have someone speak before the performance to let pople know who we are before they come to the table - more specific signage at the table to start the conversation and we just have to close the signup - very limited time to interact with people - invite them to tour the hospital and have events specifically tailored to networking with these organizations instead of just inviting them to a guild meeting - Goals for 2020: 2020 Leadership Projects ‣ Timecounts Training Video ‣ Discord Training Video ‣ Pitch Video/Training ‣ Overcoming Objections Video/Training ‣ Extra Life Overview & Talking Points Video/Training ‣ Facilitate Committees until they're running on their own ‣ Write Organizational Plan and local Guidelines/Bylaws 2020 Social Committee Goals ‣ Plan and host at least 4 social events ‣ Help with planning of fun meetings - i.e. Holiday Meeting, Year End Celebration, and "Summer Break" ‣ Engage with our local Extra Lifers via monthly hospital/CMN communications and the Extra Life Baltimore Facebook page ‣ Help with planning of pre-Game Day meeting open to the whole community 2020 Marketing Committee Goals ‣ Establish a social media posting schedule with shared responsibility content ‣ Design and order new booth kit ‣ Design signage for raffles and silent auctions ‣ Design and order updated business cards ‣ Design and order updated paper marketing materials ‣ Improve quality of links page ‣ Maintain up to date calendar of Events on Facebook, promote and measure success where applicable ‣ Design storefront for volunteers to order branded gear 2020 Outreach Committee Goals ‣ Facilitate 3 fundraising events with local businesses and organizations ‣ Wingman ‣ Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra Benefit Concert ‣ TBD ‣ Recruit 3 student organizations to do Extra Life fundraising ‣ Connect with Game Stop locations and thank them for their fundraising efforts ‣ Evaluate and develop low-effort opportunities from events, hand-off high-effort/high-reward opportunities to hospital rep - Holiday Meeting - stupid gift exchange - eat food - do some business stuff, but then hang out and play games / do holiday related stuff - white elephant / yankee swap gift exchange - severna park library - 12/14 - some food will be provided but we will assign a potluck style food for each person to bring - bring possibly but not necessarily holiday themed games - Ashley will buy lots of decorations for the room - Extra Life medals are a good draw to the table - if possible get some extras from Extra Life - if not people who are willing to bring theirs to the table would help - April 24th - BGSO concert - May 30th Baltimore War Memorial - BGSO concert - May 16th - WMGSO concert - please remember to RSVP to events on timecounts. It helps us keep track of who worked how many hours and get people the recognition they deserve - on your timecounts hub: - you can check your volunteer hours - bar at the top when you're logged in -> opportunities - left menu -> assignments - committee applications are open all the time - If you are interested in an officer position, applications are open from now until 11:59pm the day before the kickoff - please apply before Feb 1st - marketing committee social post are available to sign up for in week long shifts
  3. Hey guys, sorry this is so late going up but I wanted to post the notes I took during the 10/12/2019 meeting: attendance: Sarah Drew Cindy Mike Gary James Aaron Antonie Melissa Cindy Matt Christian Miracle Family: LJ (3 yrs old), Alena, and Wes Fuhrman - shared their story of LJ - was on his own chemo regiment until May 2019 - was able to finally get vaccinated last week! - Extra Life funds let LJ play and feel like a normal kid while getting his 2-3 hour chemo therapy 5 days a week. - everyone's schedule revolves around Bingo on Wednesdays (families don't want to get discharged until after Bingo on Wednesday!) - 2 new people came out - Guy and Sarah - Sarah went through her presentation (get slides) - handouts were given out with various statistics and information that Extra Lifers can use when fundraising and talking about Extra Life on game day (get infographics) - Child Life specialists are able to explain what is going to happen to the kids and the parents in a way that everyone can understand. - Antonie, Mike, James, Sarah, Gary, and Drew shared their experiences raising money and doing game days for Extra Life - urgent fundraising - people are more likely to donate when there's a sense of urgency. If you post the same content very frequently it can get ignored by people and social media algorithms. - put your money where your mouth is. People are much more likely to donate if your campaign isn't sitting at $0 - go outside of just game day - talk to businesses or earn money in other ways (James sold lunches for donations) - use the Extra Life marketing kit videos in your game day - let your viewers connect to the kids and the hospital - update your goal if you hit your initial goal - utilize multiple channels - make FB, etc posts and videos while your break videos are playing - be aware of restream restrictions if you are a Twitch Affiliate or partner. If you are, your Twitch content must remain exclusive for 24 hours before being uploaded to other sites. If you make posts or videos for other sites, make sure it's unique content. - send emails! Social media is great but email is personal and guaranteed to reach people who have donated in the past. - asking for donations on your birthday instead of gifts gets a good response. - talk to your family at Thanksgiving! It's the perfect opportunity to catch people who missed your game day. You can even do donations through the mobile app - Drew donates 10% of all of his channel's Patreon revenue to Extra Life. - Gimmicks and rewards for raising certain dollar amounts help drive donations. Mike gets pied in the face for every $25 donation. Drew donates $1 per death over the 24 hours. This kind of thing needs to be planned ahead but challenging viewers to match you can get great results - Smash Bingo is in the works - Drew and Ashley would be heading as Otakon reps - would need some additional volunteers - would be supplemental to Game Room - Bingo World trip October 24th 7:00 - At least $20 to play - just shy of $26k raised (50% higher than last year) - 443 gamers recruited (below last year 631) - in the middle of the Gamestop campaign until Nov 4th - if you're near or at a Gamestop introduce yourself and say thank you for all the money they've raised. - guild leads will get official thank you letters to hand out - 2019 Guild shirts will be covered by the budget. Optional Bingo shirts may happen depnding on interest. - Skyline is hosting a huge event on Game Day - $60 tickets at town hall in westminster
  4. Ceraph1216

    2019 Kickoff Meeting


    Also wanted to make sure for head count purposes that my RSVP has a +1 as well.
  5. The best way to get to the Fitzgerald during Artscape is off of North Ave just past the entrance to 83. Take North Ave East past 83 and make a right on to Maryland Ave. It will likely be blocked off before you get to Mt. Royal, but just take the right at the traffic light just before Mt. Royal (W Oliver St). Your only option from there should be to turn into the Fitzgerald but it's the big parking garage on your right. I hope that helps!
  6. Just a reminder that today's meeting is now ONLY on Discord! Hope to hear from you all :D
  7. Hi there and welcome! It's awesome to have you here. It was great meeting you and hopefully I'll see you at the kickoff!
  8. Hey everybody, it's less than 24 hours until game day and I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck! Make sure to send reminders to friends / family today and tomorrow, but most of all, HAVE FUN! Feel free to message me here or on Discord if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you all, and keep being awesome. ~ Drew
  9. Hello everyone! We finally have our very own Discord channel set up and would love for you to join it! We will be posting event reminders and recaps and hosting remote meetings through Discord, but we'd also love to use it to get to know you all better. Feel free to chat about everything from Game of Thrones to Persona 5. We're also going to start hosting guild game nights on Discord, so if anyone has multiplayer games they're really into or would like to try out, please drop some suggestions in the comments or over on Discord! Discord permalink: https://discordapp.com/invite/QURguaU Thanks guys, and keep being awesome. ~ Drew
  10. Hi Mike! It's great to have you! That sounds like great stuff you're doing out in Arizona, keep up the good work! We make sure to post on the forums well in advance of when we're having a meeting, so keep an eye out for that. Also, we just made our very own discord channel, so feel free to join that and stay in touch: https://discordapp.com/invite/QURguaU Lately when we can't meet in person, we've been doing remote calls on Discord. Welcome to the Baltimore Extra Life Guild, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or any of the leadership in the guild. Thanks! ~ Drew
  11. Ceraph1216

    Baltimore Comic Con


    Sounds good, we will see you then! Just FYI, James and I will be there tomorrow, but we only have two badges for the booth, so you will need to buy your own ticket to get in. Also the Extra Life booth is in the far back near the bistro food shop. Thanks! ~ Drew
  12. Ceraph1216



    No worries! Whatever you can do, we are very thankful for On my side, I have to be in NJ by 2:00 on Saturday, so I don't think I'll be able to take any shifts, but I can be around all day on Friday and Sunday if needed.
  13. Hey everybody! My name is Drew, and I'm with the Baltimore Guild. We have a table confirmed for Otakon and since it's in DC this year, I thought I would reach out and see if anyone would be able to help us staff the table. Otakon is one of the busiest recruitment events of the year for us, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! If you're able to help at all, please let us know on our official calendar event: Thanks! ~ Drew
  14. Hey everybody! Otakon is a little over a week away and we're in need of volunteers. Otakon is one of our busiest events of the year, so it would be great if we could get a lot of table coverage without burning people out. If you're going to be there and would like to help out (or if you don't already have a badge and want to see what all the fuss is about) please head over to the forums and respond to our calendar event: http://community.extra-life.org/calendar/event/1275-otakon/ Even if you can only help out for a couple hours, every little bit helps! Thanks guys, and keep up the great work.
  15. until

    I can do the 12-6 shift on Friday.
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