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  1. I just wanted to post this here because I couldn't find it on the forums and streamlabs only tweeted it out the Friday before the main gameday. If you use the twitch alerts feature through streamlabs (formerly known as, they have recently added an extra life integration that pushes through the "donation alert" settings. You can access it by signing in as normal through: You will need your participant ID # & to enable your alerts. You customize the visual output through the Alert Box panel, under "Donation Alerts". Hope this is helpful. We used this during game day, but I did notice that my donation alert was alerting / pushing twice. Other than that, it works wonderfully / similarly to regular twitch alerts.
  2. Your amazing page. The size of our stage. Winners of our internal house cup + your page!
  3. I just wanted to say: this was AMAZING for our group! We had this on stage in between our tournaments and sponsor reel; it was SO GOOD. I loved having a spot to read off all of the donations that my team members were getting, loved the competition for people to be our top fundraisers to be on the board (people were coming by to update me on how close they were getting), just generally loved it. My only suggestion: the team total could be bigger (take over the whole banner at the top? ). But thank you! This was exactly what my group needed and we loved it a lot. Love from, binarycupcakes and Team 27427 / yegextralife
  4. The only one that was working for me was Extra Life 2015 Promo Video Contest Winner. The other ones are opening in a file type that my computer [win 10] cannot run and I am not 100% sure why. I get this error: "Can't play This file isn't playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt. 0xc00d36c4"
  5. Hey fam, I stream on Fridays as often as I can: For the 25 hour event I'll be hosting our team's huge event at West Edmonton Mall here: Looking forward to checking in to as many of these streams as possible. <3
  6. Thanks! I've been trying to download these from the site and they get corrupt every time.
  7. Hey fam, Just wondering what kinds of videos you guys are using for your stream to drive home the extra life stuff? Some of the videos on the multimedia page are corrupt / don't work for whatever reason and if I stream the same videos that work again, I'm pretty sure my viewers will revolt. I've found a couple really rad videos about my hospital, but I'm looking for more general Extra Life awesomeness. Whatchugot??
  8. Test donation works great, which is why I was confused as to why I didn't hear it. Glad to know I'm not losing my mind. Thanks for looking into it!
  9. Hey @bfinleyui, I've been working away on overlays and such and had my obs open. The account I have connected to the stream helper received a donation but did not push an alert [I mean, it may have pushed words possibly, maybe? but no audio]. It knows a donation has been added but just didn't spit out an alert. Any ideas? Thanks for the app, again. I still love it a whole bunch. Just wondering if maybe there was a hiccup or if I derped something up. - P
  10. ^^^^ i am running a stream for a team of upwards of 200+ participants, I would love to have the donations for each team mate every time, but im not sure if that would be do-able. I mean, I could run multiple participants on the same stream, but I'm not sure. Interesting thought, thanks! Would also love to be able to customize the panels [even just a little bit] people around these parts react well to "in support of the stollery" vs. "in support of CMNH". but BLESS your dang heart for this, bread_man, it's going to be super helpful.
  11. Can I nominate @Sean Rooney ? He and his wife Trish are doing amazing things for Extra Life + for the online community. <3
  12. The first two years I did EL, I mostly just blasted out on social media, which was okay. What I have changed this year is that I started streaming on twitch. I have had three pretty big donor-trains. One that was randomly started by a viewer (with a huge alert on the screen and lots of excitement) that continued for about an hour, and two others during Just Dance marathons, where I took $2 song requests (there was a lot of a lot). It was fun and engaging. Donors want to feel good about donating, so I do my best to make sure every donor (from $1 to $100) knows how much I appreciate their contribution.
  13. The steam sale is live! It goes from now until July 4th! Which is great! I thought it would be interesting to start the conversation: What games do you recommend & why? Right now the PC games I recommend are: The Witness - an amazing puzzle game that is way more in depth than simply completing puzzles Fez - playing this right now, another great puzzle platformer type game.
  14. Yeah, I don't like the way they have Extra Life integrated right now (I mean it's great, but I support *my* local Children's Miracle Network Hospital). Maybe in the future we can get a sweeter integration. I really like idea of others planned giving while also supporting the stream (that being said you could set it to 100% benefit Extra Life as is, which would be pretty sweet.)
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