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  1. thats_spinach

    PAX East


    I can do any shifts on Saturday or Sunday. Just let me know what's best.
  2. until

    I can't do Saturday anymore. I am attending a memorial service. If you can fit someone else on Sunday, I'm down. Sorry about the last minute change.
  3. until

    I can do Saturday. Let me know how else I can help!
  4. until

    Updated the schedule. @aradiadarling what shifts exactly would you and David like? @JustSkoink I put you and Jay on the afternoon shift on Saturday, let me know if this works. @kineticmedic I put you on the afternoon shift on Sunday, let me know if this works. @FobWatch00 I put you on the afternoon shift on Saturday, let me know if this works.
  5. until

    I can't do Sunday now. I have to go to a mandatory all store meeting on Sunday.
  6. So bummed! I'll be away this weekend!
  7. thats_spinach

    CAPE 8/5-8/6


    Strike that. I can't do Sunday as I have an all day conference, but I can do all day Saturday! I am going to see if Chrissi can do either day as well.
  8. until

    I can't get down there this weekend. I won't have a car.
  9. until
    SATURDAY 9-2 Melissa 9-2 Chrissi Emery 1-6 Kris Waterman 1-6 Liz & Jay SUNDAY 9-2 Melissa & David Kinghorn 9-2 Chrissi Emeryi & Eric Richburg 1-5 Simon Strauss 1-5 Angela M DiMare-Messier I will be back at around 4:30 to pack up on Sunday. We have 5 passes for each day so we will need to coordinate on how to swap passes. Please let me know if you are attending the Con and will have your own pass.
  10. thats_spinach

    CAPE 8/5-8/6


    I can do anything on both days. Just let me know what you need.
  11. until

    How are we doing for volunteers on this?
  12. until

    I can do Sunday. Let me know what you need!
  13. Hey guys! We are having a Gears of War 4 Cross Play Tournament at the Salem Microsoft Store on the 22nd. We are super excited about it as it's not something we've done before. I wanted to invite everyone and also ask if any guildies would be interested in manning an Extra Life table at the event?
  14. until

    How easy is this location to get to sans car? Can I take the T?
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