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  1. I try to avoid screen grabbing when possible. Even if you tell OBS to grab the window instead of a screen region, you still have to put that window somewhere and if it's scaled down, that's how it displays in your stream. This way, it will always display at the resolution you want and you can shrink the "interact" window if you need to. You can even close it when you don't need it and pull it up quickly when you do. Screen grabbing certainly isn't a bad solution, but I put together a more ideal solution (for me) and figured others might like it too. I was thinking about merging all of the videos together, but I figured I might want to be able to skip around. If you're just going to loop all of the videos, then yes, that's a very easy solution.
  2. I'm using OBS MP in Windows 10. Just hit the interact option and then the controls should work when the interact window has focus. The browser plugin doesn't have many features. I was hoping to build some sort of Lua or AHK script to easily switch to another scene and start the video. If I have time, I might still do that. @DonnieV - XSplit has some nicer features for video playback so I wouldn't necessarily use this in XSplit. That said, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  3. Nice! No functionality for team stats though. That's certainly a nice/simple option for most people. Thanks for posting that.
  4. Yeah, the JSON is all there. I threw together some PHP code to pull the data and put it in a mySQL database. Haven't gotten much further than that yet. I'll post the code when I have something usable, although, I'm guessing most people aren't going to want to rely on PHP and mySQL.
  5. There is a browser plugin for OBS MP. I'm not sure how different it is compared to the old OBS since I hardly used it, but it works pretty well from what I've tried: I've been using OBS MP a lot lately. It seems to encode video a lot better on my system. I get a much clearer picture especially when there's lot of movement when compared to XSplit. The lack of plugins is a pain, but it's worth it for the better video quality.
  6. I've been using OBS Multiplatform lately because it seems to be able to do a better job encoding the stream and it looks so much better than XSplit. The problem is, there aren't many plugins for OBS Multiplatform yet. That made showing the Extra Life commercials (included in the media kit) a challenge to say the least. What I ended up doing was installing the Browser Plugin and whipping up some html/javascript to play the videos. Web programming is not my forte, so there might be better ways to pull this off, but it works pretty well. Just save the code as an .html file in the same directory as the videos, set the size of the video to the size you want it in your stream, and then set the browser plugin to open the .html file. If you have multimedia keys on your keyboard, play/pause, next, and previous should work in the "interact" screen, otherwise you can use the spacebar to play/pause and the right & left arrows to go to the next or previous videos (keycodes might be different depending on your OS or keyboard). You can add/remove videos from the array without worrying about the rest of the code. It will just loop through the array regardless of how many are in the array. I considered having the Javascript automatically pull all the video files from the current directory, but that would require a bunch of monkeying around with security settings. I figured this was easier <html> <head> <title>Extra Life Commercials</title> <style type="text/css"> #videoarea { position:absolute; left:0; top:0; width:1920; /* adjust width & height as needed for your stream */ height:1080; } </style> </head> <body scroll="none"> <video id="videoarea"></video> <script type="text/javascript"> var videoarea = document.getElementById('videoarea'); var videos = [ "Extra Life_Ariana's Story.mp4", "Extra Life_Boo's Story.mp4", "Extra Life_Erik's Story.mp4", "Extra Life_Kaidence's Story.mp4", "Extra Life_Milca's Story.mp4", "Extra Life_Tobin's Story.mp4"]; var i = 0; videoarea.src=videos[i]; // videoarea.controls=true; // uncomment if you want on-screen controls videoarea.onended = function(){ i=(i+1)%videos.length; videoarea.src=videos[i];; } document.onkeydown = function (evt) { // window.alert(evt.keyCode); // window.alert(videoarea.currentTime); evt = evt || window.event; paused = videoarea.paused; switch(evt.keyCode) { case 179: // keyboard play/pause button case 32: // space bar if (paused){; }else{ videoarea.pause(); } break; case 176: // keyboard next button case 39: // right arrow i=(i+1)%videos.length; videoarea.src=videos[i]; if (!paused){;} break; case 177: // keyboard prev button case 37: // left arrow if (videoarea.currentTime>3){ videoarea.currentTime=0; }else{ i=(videos.length+i-1)%videos.length; videoarea.src=videos[i]; } if (!paused){;} break; case 116: location.reload(); break; } } </script> </body> </html>
  7. Ok, but let's say I wanted to make a simple bar graph for my team. I have to pull the team goal from the team page, then go to the roster to get each team member's ID, then pull each team member's donation pages and sum up all of the donations. I'm not saying it can't be done, it certainly can, but the Extra Life team could save everyone a lot of time and lower their traffic by providing the totals that people are obviously going to want. Perhaps there's a simple way to pull JSON data from multiple sources and join them up, but from someone who is new to JSON, this seems like a lot of work! The email said this would be easy I'll dig into JSON and see what can be done. @SupeRaven: Check out the PDF in the media kit:
  8. That email about the JSON interface got me excited about this too I've been a developer for many years yet I never got into using JSON. Does anyone have anything started? If I could at least see some examples, then I could probably come up with some cool stuff. Also, I noticed a few glaring omissions in the JSON. There are no totals on any of the pages! I'd love to see a total on the team pages and participant pages. Ideally the team roster would have amount raised for each member too. Who do we need to bug to get some more data into the JSON interface?
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