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  1. We will not have an official Extra Life booth at GGC this year, however I'm sure that some of our guild members will probably be attending the con.
  2. Hey MuffinCook. We will be posting our PAX sign-up thread in the next 30 minutes or so. There are plenty of spots available to go around. Just let us know on the sign-up thread which shifts that you would like to volunteer for.
  3. We are trying to get everything organized asap. The first step is to find out who all is interested and to get everyone on the guilds Discord server. Discord is what we are going to use to have virtual team meetings. Unfortunately, someone who shall not be named.....yea it was me, misplaced the sign-up sheets that everyone filled out at the meeting. So now we are trying to get everyone to sign up again here on this thread. J4 what team were you interested in being a part of? Was it the stream team?
  4. So I am posting this information again. If you did, OR did not sign up for a special team at the guild meeting last month, please reply to this post if you would like to join one of the teams. Thanks. The Teams: Social Media Gurus: Our social media Gurus will help the guild leadership keep our social media channels up to date and full of interesting content in order to drive more people to the guilds forums, Facebook page, Twitter, and our Discord server. We would like to see new content being posted on a regular basis, video game news, guild news, etc. This content will be designed to keep conversations going on our social channels in order to keep our local EL community actively engaging with one another. If you are a social media lover and would like to help us out, here is your chance to use your skills to further our community efforts. Events Team: Our guild is being approached more and more often to be involved in different events. A lot of our members only see the big events that we participate in such as PAX and ECCC, but last year alone we participated in over a dozen smaller events at Microsoft stores and various other events. The guild leadership really needs help from our guild members to plan and/or staff events both big and small. We would like to have event volunteers from all over our region and especially in areas like Olympia, Seattle, and the Everette area. We already have some new events planned for this year and we know that we will be invited to attend many events this year. If you are comfortable with and interested in representing EL and our guild at small and large events, this is your opportunity to do so! Seattle Guild Stream Team: We are especially excited about starting our own stream team this year! We would like to have members of the guild streaming on the official Seattle Extra Life Guild stream channel on both Twitch and Beam on a weekly basis. This might take a little time to organize, but we;ll make it happen. So if you are already a streamer or if you have the gear and would like to start streaming, this is a great opportunity to represent EL and our guild while having fun playing games and interacting with our community! If you are interested in being a part of any of the above teams, please let us know right here in this thread. If you already signed up to be a part of these teams at the meeting last month, you do not need to express interest again here on the forums....unless you want to. We will be providing everyone with more information about what each team will be doing as we figure it out ourselves. For now, if you are interested please let us know and we will contact you ASAP!!!!
  5. Hey everybody! I would love to find some more OverWatch players to play with. Right now the Uprising PvE event is happening and I would really like to get a full 4 of us together to knock out some of the harder achievements. If you are interested let me know. This is also a great opportunity to share our Battlenet game tags so we can all add each other to our friends list. My tag is Tempuss77 #1441, add me and hit me up for some games sometime. I am mainly farming xp through 3v3 games right now....gotta get that new Mercy skin!!!
  6. Here's another idea that might be beneficial. At ECCC in Seattle this year, we had several Boy Scout troop leaders show interest in getting their troop involved. So if you know any troop leaders, it might be worth reaching out to them and letting them know what EL is all about.
  7. Does anyone wanna join me at the booth tomorrow (Sunday)? I'll be all alone
  8. Doors open at 10am, so try to be there 15-30 minutes early. Take the main escalators to the 4th floor and just wait next to the subway...on the 4th floor, not outside the convention center. We will find out how to get badges to everyone on each day as we go.
  9. Day one of ECCC went pretty darn well. We got about 40 sign ups (we expected a pretty low number for a Thursday), but we made connections with some great companies that want to be involved with Extra Life this year including Funko, Paizo Publishing, and PlayLive Nation! We have more badges then we expected to have, so if anyone wants to volunteer for another day just let me know, we could really use someone else on Saturday and Sunday. I am looking forward to hearing how well the next few days go. Lets go gettem!!!!
  10. Brandon Carrillo, I am going to slot you in for Thursday as well as Friday. We still need one more volunteer for Thursday if anyone is available. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Brandon. I am signing you up for just Friday initially. If no one else would like a spot on Thursday, I will be happy to give you a spot that day as well. We want to give everyone who would like to, the opportunity to join the event. The only reason that I an personally signed up for two days is that I have to be there for set up and tear down of the booth as I have most of the booth materials and will also be receiving (and returning) materials from other sources.
  12. Whats your first and last name Pumpkin?
  13. Hi Ady. We're glad you''re here! Hope to see you at ECCC and/or our 2017 guild kick-off meeting on March 12th at Seattle Children's Hospital.
  14. So Emerald City Comic-Con is almost here!!! For those that don't know, ECCC is March 2nd-5th. I can now say with certainty that we WILL have a booth at ECCC again this year. Because of the short amount of time that we have to get ready for this con, we will not be doing 1st and 2nd shifts for this event, instead volunteers will need to be able to commit to the whole day. Also, we only have three badges for each day this year (as opposed to 4 badges that we had last year). So if you would like to volunteer, let me know on this thread. I will keep this post updated with available spots. Also...don't forget that our 2017 kick-off meeting will be Sunday, March 12th 5:30-7:00pm! That is the Sunday after ECCC. Not everyone will be able to make it to ECCC this year, but I really hope that everyone can make it out to our kick-off meeting. If you have any questions about ECCC or the kick-off meeting, please feel free to ask within this thread or send me a PM. Thursday, March 2nd -Joshua Griffin -Brandon Carrillo -Jake Colley Friday, March 3rd -Christopher Hart -Shell -Brandon Carrillo Saturday, March 4th -Mike Sutton -Kristen Sharkey -Bryan Sharkey Sunday, March 5th -Joshua Griffin -Pending -Open
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