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  1. Robop1g

    PAX East


    Shawn I can do 9-1 on thursday or friday.
  2. Hey Patricio you stream for the Extra Life team right? I think I saw some of your stream over there when Rufioohhh raided one night. I think you aren't in Boston though? Do you have specific questions about the Boston guild?
  3. Robop1g

    Anime Boston 2018


    Hey Shawn I can do a 9-2 shift on Saturday.
  4. Robop1g

    Northeast Comic Con


    Shawn I can do a 9-2 shift on sunday.
  5. Robop1g

    Granite State ComicCon


    You can put me down for a Sunday morning shift
  6. Update: Our Rocket League tournament is this saturday (8/12) starting at 1PM EST. The format is 3v3 on PC/Xbox, all games will be streamed on twitch. Psyonix was kind enough to provide us with some Rocket League swag, so the top 3 teams will get prizes, and the top team also gets a game of their choice (up to $60 value) for each team member. Team Entry fee is a $25 Extra Life donation paid to anyone on the Good4Gaming team. If anyone is interested in playing in the tournament, or in joining me in the stream to discuss Extra Life during the tournament, please let me know. thanks, Dave
  7. We have a couple weeks until the Rocket League Tournament, the next 3 teams that register by providing the $25 Extra Life donation will get their choice of a copy of Rocket League for PC or Xbox one, so if anyone was planning to take part, now is the time to sign up!
  8. Robop1g

    Boston Comic Con


    I can do a 10-2 on Sunday.
  9. Hi Lou, we dont have it but I think Isa is going to do it again sometime in August, will try to remember to edit and export to youtube for others, will post here when I determine the date of the next one.
  10. Would love to have you join Cawzy. I am not sure yet what Psyonix is sending in the way of Rocket League swag but the first place team will get their choice of any game they want (up to $60 value) for each of the 3 team members, and I have some Rocket League codes for Xbox and PC I could use as prizes if people want to have it on their other gaming platform.
  11. A member of the Good4Gaming stream team, Isa_Kole, will be streaming on our twitch channel ( on 6/13 at 7PM CST. She will be talking about her experiences streaming for charity efforts and provide details on things that have and have not worked for her while trying to raise donations. She will also be answering questions, so if you are new to the exciting world of charity streams please consider stopping by and saying hello. And for anyone interested in joining a Stream Team, our only requirement to join Good4Gaming is a yearly charity stream, so if you are here you most likely already qualify. We currently have a team of 33 streamers raising money for Extra Life, Able Gamers, Special Effect, Operation Supply Drop, and many more. If you are interested fill out the form at and we will contact you. thanks, Dave
  12. Our team, Good4Gaming, is running a 3v3 Rocket League tournament in support of our Extra Life team. The Team entry fee for the tournament will be a $25 donation to any member of the Good4Gaming Extra Life team (roster avail via ). Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams, we hope to stream all matches and hopefully get some additional donations via the streams. If anyone is interested in joining as a solo player, for a $10 donation we will help place you on a team. Planned date for the tournament is August 12th at 1PM EST. If anyone is interested in competing, donate the entry fee, and in the donation comments note Rocket League Tournament and the team name, and we will send the team registration link to the email address used for the donation. Psyonix is providing some RL swag and Rocket League codes for PC and Xbox versions, and other prizes TBD.
  13. Twitter Facebook Twitch Steam: robopig Xbox: r0b0p1g PSN: robop1g_ Battlenet: Robop1g#1345 Also have a Facebook group and Discord server if anyone wants to join those let me know.
  14. Robop1g

    Anime Boston


    Shawn I can do either shift on saturday just let me know what time you need me. thanks, Dave
  15. Robop1g

    Northeast Comic Con


    Shawn I can be available for the 9-2 on Sunday
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