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  1. Fantastic. I will be adding all of you once I get home. It's good to know I'm no the only one! Fantastic. I will be adding all of you once I get home. It's good to know I'm no the only one!
  2. So I finally picked up Tabletop Simulator on steam. (I know, I know, its technically a PC game, but its about playing board games!) It's very slick and there is a mod for virtually any board game you can imagine. Is anyone else playing this? I would love to start playing some board games online with others to fill in my time between actual board game days. Let me know!
  3. I would have to say FFVI is my favorite. I know everyone really likes Sephiroth, but I feel he pales in comparison to the pure evil Kefka displayed. Plus I love the multilayered story, and the music was great. Someone mentioned battle systems. I know this is going to make me unpopular, but I really really love the battle system for FFXIII. It gives you some variation but skipping over the repetitive bits.
  4. I picked this up on Day one myself and I am enjoying it. However, this is the first time I have purchased an MMO while not knowing anyone else who plays. Is anyone creating an extra-life guild?
  5. It worked out well for me. I literally just put a book on my desk at work and gave one to my wife for her family, and they are cutting me a check for $76.00. Again, I put ZERO effort in, so anyone with any sales acumen could get way way more for their hospital.
  6. Now I am usually super OCD about playing the previous games before the sequels. In fact I only started playing the earlier Assassins Creed games last year in order to play Black Flag. Which was worth it. Am I losing anything by starting with part 3?
  7. Has anyone made/designed these discount fliers or coupons that someone could use as inspiration with our own restaurants?
  8. So my wife one morning asks me to bring this book full of smelly things to work and try to sell some to my coworkers. Now I really don't want to do it, but I love my wife so I begrudgingly agree to put the book out on my desk and let the chips fall where they may. Just in my little work area I sold $80 worth of stuff without even trying. So I flip through this book and come to find out they do fundraisers. So I ask my wife's "rep" about it. Long story short, instead of getting free product for selling it, they will cut you a check for 25% of anything you sell. Y'all, I don't know why, but this stuff sells itself. Just today I have sold $160 worth of smelly stuff with minimal effort. That's $40.00 for the kids with almost no effort on my part in a few hours. Find a rep, start a fundraiser. Easy donations. They even set up a website for people to log in and place orders that way. Good Luck!
  9. Guitar Hero is comming to next gen systems. I am personally excited. But I feel alot of people think the genre is dead. I am curious on everyone else's opinions. Respectfully, I am not looking for "You should learn to play real guitar instead." Not a fan of that argument and its not what this thread is about. Basically, is the Guitar Hero/Rock Band genre dead or do you believe there is still life in it?
  10. I will have to add you on xbox and we can run together. My Gamertag is Galkantank. See you there!
  11. I have! I love it. Dwarves FTW! My only complaint is the two character limit for free. As I am a character hoarder. But I get it.
  12. Diablo III is also a good couch co-op game. We spent most of the morning streaming that one last October.
  13. That's great! I never really got into LoL, but i did do some Guardians of middle earth, and it wasn't bad. I prefer Illidan myself. I will also likely be playing this with my team on the big day. It's good to hear I'm not alone in this!
  14. So there is talk in the PC thread about doing something Minecrafty for EL. Maybe a building competition or something. The problem is I don't want to switch over to PC. Is this something you guys and gals may want to do on the xbox versions? Do servers work the same way, or can you only log into that server when the "Host" is online?
  15. That actually sounds really cool!
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