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  1. Mike Sutton ( or Shelbie Hicks ( are the leaders of the Seattle Extra Life Guild. Give them a shout!
  2. THANK YOU to everyone playing in @ExtraLife4Kids for kids @SeattleChildren's. Together you've raised $306,907.30 and counting! ‪#‎ExtraLife‬
  3. You are doing AWESOME Seattle! I just pulled the numbers as of right now and you're at $141,204. That's AWESOME! Seattle Children's is SO grateful for all of your help and support. Can't wait for Game Day! Happy Halloween everyone!
  4. EL Seattle - feel free to share however you'd like.
  5. betsyrand


    Yes - thank you everyone! Kira & I are so fortunate to have all of you on our side and making a difference through your work to raise money for kids in our Seattle Children's community, as well as other CMN Hospitals. The weekend was certainly a success all around!
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