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  1. I used it on my laptop for some tabletop games with my friends. It's less clunky than the normal version but I think the main thing that's gonna be missing is plugins, especially the big ones like CLR browser. I dislike how you can edit the scene at anytime, whereas in the normal ver. you can lock it all down. Right now I don't think it makes sense to use Multiplatform.
  2. Just thought I'd throw this in here. I'd really prefer not to do overlays for games like League just because they're more complex. https://waa.ai/vVfb (Shortened Google Forms link) I've only really made overlays for myself and a few for friends but yeahhh so It might not be the fastest process and I have to keep up with my own stuff as well, mainly work The one I've posted is a game specific one sooo yeah. Think it would be cool to work on some CS:GO overlays in specific.. Guess this isn't a great start though considering a LOT of people play Mobas.. -cough cough- League... I'll also try doing them on my Stream when I'm not playing osu!.. uhh that's the game I play btw :c Anddd since Twitch can't do much when it comes to copyrighted content other than previous broadcasts anything should be fine as long as it's sfw.
  3. I only really play one game and I dont stream as often as I used too but... http://twitch.tv/kutoraosu
  4. Wow, a lot of upcoming streamers. http://www.twitch.tv/kutoraosu is mine, streaming everyday from 8pm. Playing in tournaments and just random gameplay.
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