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  1. Hey Victoria, I'm Taylor the Orlando Guild President. I'm sorry it's taken a month to respond to your post, but it has been quite a busy month and this is my first time seeing it. It sounds like with a decent number of you being in the Orlando area, our guild was a good one to contact. We would love to have you at our April meeting on April 11th at 6:00pm, tentatively to be at our locan CMN office. Once we find out for sure we will give that update. We're looking to expand the guild and grow our numbers, and a group of passionate Extra Lifers like yourselves are perfect. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you're able to attend the meeting, please RSVP at the link below. Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!
  2. until
    Hello everyone! Join us for our monthly Guild meeting at 6pm. Tentatively, this will be at the CMN office located at the address below, but we will update if this changes. At this meeting: Discussion of Guild Launch on May 6 ELU Experience Be sure to come with any questions you might have, and be ready to build the Guild to greater heights! Remember, 6-7 is our game time, so bring a game and let's have some fun before we get to business! Also, check out last month's meeting minutes at the link below if you were unable to attend. Last Meeting Minutes
  3. Hey everyone! We are currently in the early planning stages for a Guild relaunch event in which we will have fun and games, as well as an information session in the attempt to attract new guild members. Please start throwing out ideas you might have for this event. No fundraising will happen. Thank you, and I can't wait to hear all your ideas.
  4. Hey everyone! This year we want to start this process early so we can be sure everything is planned and ready to go for our Guild gameday this year. The location and exact day will remain TBD for now, however we can all start planning what we want this day to look like. Should we have people going 24 hrs? 12 hours? What games do we have there? Should we accept donations and do a raffle? Should we provide food? These and many more are things we can discuss here to plan a fantastic event for the Orlando area. While planning will be happening over the next couple months, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts now. Thank you! EDIT: I should reiterate that this is currently a "just start spitting out ideas" phase and we will all curate them later. Assume the location will have enough room for at least 30 people and will have a solid internet connection.
  5. I like the idea of the bake sale if it worked really well. Perhaps that's something we can do at our bigger events like the guild game day, etc. as a way to fundraise. Since the events wouldn't be specifically for fundraising I say it's good, lol.
  6. January 10, 2017 Present: Taylor Deas, Graydon Scates, Sam Goldmacher, Kitty Aldrich, Reno Scarfone Regrets: Vince Aponte, Cameron Ogletree, Matthew DeFoor Next meeting: February 14, 2017, 6:00pm, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children - Extra Life United registration fees will be covered for 4 officers - Guild member feedback: What worked and what can we improve upon for 2017 o Incorporating more hospital tours for members of the community. Creating a sign up/interest sheet at conventions and tabling opportunities o Spreading the message of spectating for Extra Life United- on UCF, Full Sail, and Seminole State campuses. o Fliers on campus boards about Extra Life and contact information o February meeting- hand out fliers to all that attend to post at their jobs, schools, and organizations for Extra Life, and Extra Life United o Kitty has a contact for Full Sail Charity organization- reach out to get from her o Fundraising initiatives and goals for 2017 § 350 quality gamers (tracking numbers earlier on to track $0s, and engage our guild members) § $75,000 to be fundraised for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children o Incorporating more “Team Fundraising” opportunities- game nights, game tournaments, etc. o Monthly donations- using this to our advantage as a fundraiser for smaller, reoccurring donations o Creating a contact sheet and hospital tour information sheet to have at different tabling events o Calendar of events to be created
  7. Hello everyone! Please join us for our February Guild meeting which will be located at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Since it is Valentine's Day, there will even be some goodies to enjoy while we play some games and talk Extra Life. It should be a great meeting, so I look forward to seeing you there!
  8. That's a solid list, considering I haven't played 4 or 5.
  9. Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to post your top 5 games of the year in order to see what everyone enjoyed playing this year. Only include games you've played and games that were released in 2016. My list is as follows: 1. Uncharted 4 2. Titanfall 2 3. Battlefield 1 4. Watch_Dogs 2 5. The Last Guardian Honorable Mention: FIFA 17 Upon writing this list, I realized I didn't finish or even play that many games this year. Having said that, of those I have played, this is the order and I stand by it. I look forward to seeing other people's lists! EDIT: I moved The Last Guardian into the list, and moved FIFA as an honorable mention because of how often I play and enjoy it.
  10. Hello everyone! Another week is in the books and some pretty awesome stuff happened this week. We don't know where it came from quite yet, but Orlando area fundraising got a gigantic boost, raising our total to $62,491 which is almost DOUBLE where it was last week. We also increased our number of Orlando gamers to 384, which means we are only 16 people away from our 2016 recruitment goal of 400. This weekend me and Matt went to Clermont Comic Con and were able to recruit three people to extra life and talk with some others that showed interest. While this number may seem low, just remember: every person counts. You never know who the next big fundraiser or dedicated guild member will be. Our next major event will be Holiday Matsuri coming up December 16-18. We will have 5 passes for the people that RSVPd, and if you didn't RSVP we will have one spare pass just in case. There is also a thread for activity brainstorming for this event. If you have not already, please take a look at that and help move the conversation. Finally, I'm going to end this week's update with some real talk. I want everyone involved in the guild to start using these forums more often. Be active, make threads you feel are relevant, comment on existing ones. This is the way we make the guild and Extra Life in Orlando grow. As always, keep up the good work!
  11. So as the first post, I would like to give an update of where Orlando stands as a whole: Currently, the city of Orlando and surrounding areas playing for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has 376 gamers. These 376 gamers have raised a whopping $32, 793! These are amazing numbers and I could not be more happy with our progress. The Guild had a goal at the beginning of the year to have 400 gamers playing in Orlando and it looks like we should be able to hit that number easily by the end of the year. Having said that, about %72 of these gamers have raised $0. That's 270 people that have not raised anything for the kids at Arnold Palmer. This is something we need to work on changing. Imagine if each of one these gamers raised just $10, or even $5. What a difference that could make. We will be working on this in the months to come and leading into next year. I would also like to just give a shout out for all the hard work everyone is doing both in the Guild and out. As I said above, we are on track to hit our recruitment goal. So thank you for everything you do!
  12. Hello Guild! Starting today, I and my fellow Guild officers will periodically be posting messages and updates here to give you an idea where we are as a Guild and Extra Life community, miracle stories, and anything else we would like to say to everyone that doesn't quite belong in a separate thread. So keep a lookout in this thread for our posts. Thanks!
  13. I thought it might be useful to start a thread discussing and brainstorming fundraising ideas as a Guild. I know other Guilds around the country have done things like % of proceeds from businesses, as well as some other methods. Just remember, we can't create an event ourselves solely for fundraising, so just keep that in mind. So let's all think of some ways to raise money for the kids!
  14. Awesome! I will link you to the Guild calendar below where we post all our upcoming events. As far as notifications, the forums are the best way to get all the information you need, but we also have a Facebook group chat we use for non-guild chatting and time sensitive guild information relay, if that makes sense. I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, so I hope you had a great game day stream! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. We also have our November Guild meeting tonight at 6:30pm located at Gods & Monsters at the Artegon Marketplace on International drive. You can also find that info on the event page for it in the calendar. Hopefully you can make it down!
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