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  1. Here's a thread for recruiting events. Link to any upcoming cons or events you know that'll be good for recruiting people. Here are three we've been to before: HavenCon - April 28 - 30 Anime Austin - June 16 - 18 Staple - Dates TBA. This is being shifted to later in the year. And of course you have RTX. International Tabletop Day and International Sailor Moon Day are two others we could probably use. Anyone have other ideas?
  2. So the next date has been announced: November 4th, 2017. Anyone know when the next meeting is to start planning?
  3. Congrats to the new leaders! This'll be a good year, too. Ooples is joining as the third major tabletop store for Game Day (their game space is huuuuge). Between them and Wonko's, numbers are going to climb!
  4. Ooples will be hosting International Tabletop Day! Ooples is one of our new partners to host tabletop and video games on game day. We need to recruit now so their community is included come November. The event on Facebook:
  5. Professor

    HavenCon 2016

    HavenCon schedule here: We will have a booth! We need volunteers to staff it!
  6. until
    The biggest 24-hour Austin tabletop event for Extra Life Game Day! Wonko's Toys and Games will be uniting HavenCon, Steve Jackson Games, Legacy Revelations, Aes: Brass Revolution, the Communi-cast and more into a single event! For more info, see Haven Con's Facebook event.
  7. I'm still working out details with Outlaw Moon to have a companion table-top event. I tried a couple other game stores, but they didn't seem interested. I'll post details when I have them.
  8. Dressing up as the Doctor, Star Trek, or Steampunk also works. I've so far only done the first one.
  9. I think you need to change the date to 10/30 and 10/31 in the topic. I've added a few more events to the calendar, as well.
  10. Professor

    WaCon Gaming Convention

    WaCon is a 3 day gaming convention in Waco. We need a team of 4 volunteers to go there and help promote Extra Life. Their website:
  11. until
    Wonko's Toys and Games has graciously given us permission to setup a table and sign up recruits during the Magic: The Gathering pre-release events on Saturday and Sunday that weekend! There are multiple events over this weekend. We need 1-2 people at each one. You just need to stand there, explain Extra Life, and help people sign up if they're interested. No soliciting - they have to come to you. Times: 9/26 Midnight: 9/26 11 AM: 9/26 4 PM: 9/26 7 PM: 9/27 Noon: 9/27 5 PM: Their website:
  12. until
    We need one or two people to go the ball and help with sign-ups. The con itself is already planning to recruit people, but it'd be nice to have an Extra Life representative there to explain what it's about. Facebook page for the event:
  13. My name is Lee. I'm looking forward to lending a hand to recruitment in the two months we have before the big day and hopefully past that.
  14. I cannot make this meeting due to work, but am heavily interested. HavenCon is planning an Extra Life event in conjunction with Outlaw Moon and we'd like to plug into the larger city events. Is there a contact email I can send details to?
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